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We will continue to fight for our YouTube channel

We already have plans for the future with regard to posting on multiple video sites, but we now have to try to accelerate those plans now that we are going to be removed from YouTube.

Please excuse us for doing everything we can again. That is why there is less activity on our website.

We hope for your understanding. This will soon be over but we will go 100% to save this.

Thanks for any tips. Also for the YouTube alternatives. If we do that, then we do well. Of course YouTube also has the advantage that you will be included directly in Google.

So if we really want to build up a good reach again, we will post on multiple websites, including on a number of platforms that you have suggested.

Thank you for your tips, your emails and even how you have tried to help to change the minds of these claimers.

Here the whole story:

CommonSenseTV will be removed from YouTube (a minor update)


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