What do you learn about democracy in school?

What do you learn about democracy in school?

If those are the two criteria of democracy, then we have had nothing to complain about for 150 years, except for the 5 year break between 1940 and 1945.

The political party names indicate real democracy, even with a capital D: VVD, CDA and D66.

And the ancient parties proclaimed what they stood for before every election:
VVD for the rich upper class, PvdA for the workers, CDA for the ecclesiastical and D66 varying for everyone, if that happens to yield a few more votes.
In addition to an empty D, the 2 Vs of VVD can also be disposed of with the bulky waste. Then there would be little or nothing left, but the wealthy have it better than ever. The number of millionaires is growing rapidly.

Then the A of the PvdA. What significance does this A still have if only VVD policy was implemented during Rutte II and poverty swells? The housing shortage at the bottom is crippling, a few hundred thousand children grow up below the poverty line and care is stripped! So put the pedal bin cover up for a false A.

Then the letters of CDA (and CU) Why a C? What the hell does that stand for? Compassion for the church members who have become filthy rich at the expense of their fellow man? Or for the poor who were abandoned by the PvdA years ago? Do the C-parties stand up for peace-seeking members, or as they regularly show and showed, prefer harshness, military display of force and aggression towards peace-loving demonstrators? In short, quickly flush those C's of CDA and CU. The D had already been declared dead, only AU remains for both together and that is covering.

And then the D of the spineless 66'ers. Greater profanity within politics has rarely been seen. Kill the referendum yourself and appoint every D66 mayor, but also all ministers and senators of this hypoclub party politics, instead of letting the citizens choose. If the D for Draaien stands in the party and above all self-interest, then it can be maintained, but preferably very small.

Then the leaders of these 'democratic' parties, with a water-treading GroenLinks (green with biomass, solar panels and windmills? And the left also after support for the 1st Rutte cabinet regarding the Kunduz deal?) together try to deceive as many voters as possible, to form a cabinet.

It is a balancing act between the fervent desire to rule and not showing this, which is difficult for Klaver. All convinced to be indispensable.

The regent leaders want to win as many minority views as possible, at the expense of many other election promises. The faction leaders are dominant roosters and hens. They determine which parties have no chance, which professional idiots are allowed to lead a ministry and which high-ranking party members are offered a position elsewhere. They also think that they will be able to clamp Mark Rutte specifically this time and make improper demands because of his Alzheimer's truck box.

Look how Wopke Hoekstra, temporarily relieved from pain in the ass Pieter Omtzigt, suddenly heads for a different, more VVD-oriented course. So it's just possible. A difficult rooster sick: an immediate turn. Which CDA voters were promised something before the elections, then cheated and left even further in the lurch during Pieter's break?

Then the arrogance of the 3 D parties to put pressure on PvdA and GL to let go of each other in the interest of that trio. After all, Mark and Wopke do not want to rule with a left-wing cloud. Kaag does not want to go into the sea with an engine that is too large on the right. Why 'they don't want to'? What do they want? The three of them sidelined PVV and FvD (another D!) while Sigrid does not want the CU. In between, the SP indicated that it did not want to go with the VVD, but that election promise is just as soft as all the promises of almost all party leaders not to want to date the VVD of one Mark Pinocchio.

Not the voters determine, but a bunch of regents in the interest of their own party. Gently following the VVD banner of the regents. Democracy? Well no. In practice, the wealthy who do not vote are much better represented than the mass voting underclass. More than 95% of the House of Representatives is highly educated.

Marc Twain stated more than 100 years ago: 'If voting really made a difference, they (the regents) wouldn't let us do it'. How about democracy? The recent emergency and emergency laws show something quite different.
It is high time to retrain social studies teachers. After all, regents cannot be changed.

Rients Hofstra

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