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What happens if you throw a Quran back and forth with 2 people?

What happens when on a square in Copenhagen with two people you can throw one or another book, the Koran in this case, back and forth on a square and drop it on the floor?

The Islam critic Rasmu Paludan tried it out. This is what happened ...

After having thrown that booklet back and forth a number of times, the (according to authorities) stormed moderate Muslims flocking to them and they could run for their lives ..

After this case the Muslims went to it "Demonstrate". The demonstrations lasted 2 days. Sunday and Monday morning ended in violent clashes between the police and the Muslims.

Some of them threw fireworks and stones and set fire to cars and bins.

The Muslims started 70 fires in total. The police have arrested 23 Muslims.

All for one or another booklet.

Earlier, Puladan had set fire to a Quran and he streamed it live on Facebook.

The police protection of Puladan has the state $ 900.000 according to the Danish mainstream media.

Puladan is a Danish politician and has a lot of criticism of Islam.

But this does indicate how big the difference is between their culture and our culture. Replace that strange book with the Bible? There would be no rooster crowing.

How do we ever think we can live peacefully with such people?

For us it is a book. For them it is something sacred that should not be mocked. It is their life manual based on a dubious butcher and pedophile named Muhammad, A book full of horrors and full of hatred towards us “infidels”.

In short: We must adapt to the immigrants and respect their holy book.

If you want, you can throw the holy book the Bible of the Christian Danes with you all day long. You will not encounter any threat. But oh woe when you come to the aggressive fairytale book of these Muslims… Our guests don't accept that.













This is from a NY Times article from April 2019:


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