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What is the purpose of the Corona crisis?

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What is the purpose of the corona crisis?

Many people wonder how and why we ended up in this dystopia. In any case, it is not a deadly virus. The evidence is there for the taking that lockdowns are scientific madness. There are more than 20 studies available that lockdowns don't work. (1) Sweden and Florida are well-documented examples that it is no problem to throw everything open. Information about non-participating countries or states, such as Tanzania, Belarus, Brazil and Egypt, are expertly concealed in the media.

What the corona hysteria has also made clear is that the real power does not lie with government leaders. Most countries do the same nonsensical lockdowns and the "build back better" story is meekly rung up by all puppets, including Rutte. (2)

What is the purpose of lockdowns? Who gives the order and what is their importance?

The picture that can answer this is becoming increasingly clear. We have lived in “the matrix” for a long time, but now reality is revealing itself. There is a group of billionaires who have almost complete control over the media, the governments, the big business and the top civil service.

To find out the names of the greatest players, all you have to do is go through the World Economic Forum, Bilderberg, Club of Rome, etc. attendee list. Power passes through organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, CIA, MI6, BIS, IMF, FED and ECB.

What are the deeper desires and motivations of this billionaire? The answer is simple; power and money.

The largest sources of money are the banking system, oil and energy, the arms trade, the drug trade and the pharmaceutical industry. With the banking system, among others, the Rothschilds have become rich and they are still getting rich with it. The Rockefellers, among others, have gained their wealth with the energy industry. The latter family has expanded its empire to other practices. However, don't rule out the royal houses with their enormous wealth, previously obtained through the slave trade, among other things. The slave trade is currently banned in Europe but could regain popularity.

For the monetary system it is important that we and the governments incur a lot of debts, which can take place due to a war for example. This is a fairly expensive matter for which money has to be borrowed and the debts of which must be paid back with interest for a long time.

It is of course also important for the arms industry that many wars are fought and that conflicts are regularly organized. There is usually a revolutionary club somewhere that can start a war with the support of weapons and media attention. By keeping both parties in balance in terms of weapons and finances in a war, you can stretch a war for as long as it suits.

With media you can influence opinion and if necessary start the desired wars. Think of the anti-German propaganda in America in the First World War or the anti-Semitism propaganda by Goebbels in the Second World War. More recently, it was the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that we are still looking for in vain. You also see that government leaders who are willing to plunge their people into an unnecessary war are welcome at the club of Rome, such as JP Balkenende.

It is important for the pharmaceutical industry that we use many expensive and long-term medicines or vaccines. If the fine and compensation for victims is lower than the profit, a drug will be marketed and produced for as long as possible. That explains the many lawsuits that the pharmaceutical industry has pending.

Besides money, however, power is an even bigger motivation. The billionaires are in the final stages of a game of Risk for World Power. There are still a few countries to go. Especially China, Russia, Iran and Syria are still a stumbling block, but then that chapter of “The Game of Thrones” is largely over. Then there is only mutual fuss among the billionaires about who can sit on the throne.

There are two ways to gain power over a people: a dictatorship or a corrupt democracy.

For a well-oiled corrupt democracy, it is important to have all the media in hand and to give people the idea that their vote matters. Discussions in the media may therefore be fierce, but must take place within certain frameworks. For example, questions about the money system and central banks are taboo, as are questions about the power of the Council on Foreign Relations. It is strange that the CFR is so unknown because without being a member you have little chance of making it far in American politics.

It is also important to suppress any possibility of popular uprising by playing people off against each other. Democrats versus Republicans, Black versus White, Sunnis versus Shias, Muslims versus Christians, capitalists versus Communists, transgender versus conservatives. Mass immigration fits in well with this concept; the less togetherness the better. Soros plays an important role in this, he is a skilled manager for immigration and internal conflicts. His son may soon take over.

What is the purpose of the corona crisis now?

The money system is coming to an end. Once the dollar's hegemony begins to fall, a great deal of power is also lost. A major crisis is therefore desirable in which such panic breaks out that people accept a new money system and accept new chains to allow themselves to be slaves. My advice: immerse yourself in the money system and you will understand the usefulness of this crisis. (3)

The main functions of the lockdowns are to reduce SMEs, create chaos and push through new financial rules or even a new society in this “small and closing window of opportunity”, as Claus Schwab says. Another useful side effect is conflicts between virus believers and virus deniers. The more riots and protests the better. The more fear there is of the virus by one group and the more fear of a vaccine genocide by the other group, the better. The conflicts between provaxxers and anti-taxxers fit perfectly into the divide and conquer strategy. The camps can also be separated well: the internet viewers versus television viewers.

If you are afraid of being killed by the vaccine, I can reassure you: this is unlikely. If you were to die, it would mean less money, less power and a lot of hassle for the elite. You are still a potential soldier in a conflict with Russia and China today. Mass mortality is not very convenient, both in terms of number and motivation of the population. We cannot rule anything out, billionaires also have strange hobbies, but at this stage genocide by means of a vaccine is not a logical step. It is planned in the future. (4)

In addition, it is of course the intention to make as much money as possible again in the long term. With a recurring vaccine carousel for all annual mutations, there will be plenty to rob from the masses. In America they are already at 60 vaccines per person. We have to go that way in Europe, preferably much more.

In this whole story you should see Hugo de Jonge as a simple manager with an assignment. He gets a bonus for every million Dutch people he knows how to vaccinate. The more vaccines the higher the bonus. He therefore prefers a vaccine obligation. If we all say no, this will of course not happen, but he simply looks how far he gets; no you have, yes you can get. His mission doesn't go much deeper than that.

You don't get power with vaccinations in themselves. However, a mandatory vaccination passport does give power. If they succeed in pushing this vaccination passport, the elite will make a little dance of joy. This gives them an extra tool to scan, monitor and control everyone.

The marketing of the Great Reset does not seem to have gone well yet. The Internet gets in the way of the plan, information is moving too fast and is difficult to suppress. In addition, types like Biden and Schwab are also not the most convincing lobbyists of this plan. Maybe they will organize better actors or step up the misery further so that we will accept anything that offers some relief. So there are still miserable years ahead of us. We now have the virus lockdowns, soon they will try the climate lockdowns and who knows what other craziness they will come up with to suppress us and get us down.

What they also do is expertly help all kinds of nonsense stories into the world as a kind of false light, like a diversionary maneuver. We have to think of the Q-anons, Charlie Ward, Micha Kat, stories about illness from 5G, chemtrails, baby blood drinking cults etc. These distract from what is really going on. Until now, partly due to this distraction, the link between the money system, the dollar and the current corona crisis has rarely been made.

There is little to look forward to in the short term. One thing, however, we can look forward to. The current generation of politicians is going to be sacrificed. The substantiation of the lockdowns cannot be sustained forever. Sooner or later we will realize that we have been cheated and then they will be thrown out. That is not a problem for the elite. The goal was a temporary crisis that points less directly to themselves than a collapsing dollar. The politicians become the scapegoats for this. We can therefore soon gloat when Hugo de Jonge and Rutte are going to be victimized, even if they are not the real directors of this plot. However, new puppets are already warming up in the wings. At Herstel NL, for example, we already see how the first subsidy of the big money is accompanied by interference from the New World Order spies, such as Theulings and Baarsma. Fortunately, these were recognized in time as cuckoo pups and thrown out of the nest. D66 and with that Irene van den Brekel and Arjan Lubach of course did not like that. The subsidy tap for recovery NL is therefore quickly closed again and the media attention goes back to zero.

Within current politics there are few who are genuinely concerned with the people and from which we can expect any salvation. Maybe Omtzigt and Baudet. However, Baudet was also not very quick to discover that the virus is harmless, Omtzigt still does not realize it. In addition, there was no useful anti-lockdown motion to be found last year that had a chance. Motions for investigating collateral damage or efficacy of the PCR test were massively voted down. This took place in a varying composition of political parties, probably to spread attention.

The Judiciary is also a cause for concern. Anyone who follows Virus Truth's lawsuits realizes that the case law in a banana republic would not be out of place. Our fundamental rights are being referred to the trash can with crooked circular reasoning by uninterested and unhealthy-looking judges. There also seem to be worrying developments in case law on youth care and custodial placement. (5)

In short: if we want to fundamentally change things and leave something of a future behind for the children, we really have to do this ourselves. Otherwise, we will soon be, just like the Germans after the Second World War, a bit of a mouthful when the children ask why we did not know and did nothing about it. That means that we really have to turn off the news and Netflix, scrape our balls together and take action because although it is February: Winter is Coming.





4 RTL Boulevard about Bilderberg Conference – YouTube


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