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What is Truth?

It's quite hard. Everyone has their own truths, sometimes from experience, sometimes read or heard, or developed themselves by thinking logically.

Fortunately, this dilemma is not only of our time. Once, over 100 years ago, Mark Twain already said that you were not informed if you did not read newspapers (then no radio, TV or social media), but were misinformed if you did read the newspaper. Makes you think anyway.

The news via the ANP (in the hands of John de Mol) and in the national newspapers (all in the hands of one Belgian) is by no means always reliable, certainly not when it concerns determining bodies with an army of lobbyists and governments.

There is a lot of resistance to mainstream media (MSM) on social media. Hundreds to thousands of videos and articles circulate there that claim something different from the mainstream news outlets. It often sounds plausible, but there is also fake news in between.

But through the official channels very confusing and unlikely messages are disseminated or withheld. And that in turn is food for conspiracy thinkers. The many years of training in the Demmink case is a prime example. And now another Teeven who indicates that he does not want to declare anything under oath. Internationally, the Kennedy assassination and the attack on the Twin Towers are examples of the conspirators coming up with more credible theories than what is officially circulated. Pharmaceutical companies - and especially recently - are the best. Is Covid-19 a Virus or a Bacterium? Did it arise spontaneously or does it come from a laboratory (why are so many laboratories messing with so many lives and life-threatening viruses)?

Is it a heavier flu virus than that of 2017/2018, when there were countless numbers in our country ??? 9444 people died from the flu, while the cabinet did nothing at the time and the economy just kept going?
Is it or cannot it be cured with hydroxychloroquine, along with zinc, or does that only make the disease worse? There is no transparency, but intervention by authorities is. A little biologist knows that viruses are dead elements, unlike bacteria, which can reproduce.

Viruses are a boon to healthy and vital people because they clean up toxins; a process that can accompany fever. Seen in that light, the question is justified as to why no policy has been pursued on vulnerable people. People over 80 and people with underlying ailments, including during previous periods of flu. When thinkers come up with critical questions or logical answers, they are almost always accused of being among the conspirators. The second comment is invariably to come up with evidence. And that is the power of the regular. To prove something scientifically costs millions, if not more. After all, developing drugs with evidence that the side effects are minimal and not dangerous can run into the billions. Nevertheless, Softenon, DES, but otherwise also DDT, asbestos and Round Up (to name just a few) were 'safely' on the market.

Even when experts sound the alarm, it is dismissed as just individuals, lost or quacks.

Due to the lack of transparency and / or by key players with dual agendas or conflicts of interest, mistrust is more likely to foster than to diminish, all the more so as many conspiracy theories are often more plausible than the official readings often limited by undisclosed files.

Only a society with independent professional giants in essential positions, fully controlled and with optimal transparency, drives conspirators and scientists towards a common route for general well-being.

Rients Hofstra

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