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What kind of world do we live in now?

What kind of world do we live in now?

If I am very honest, I say that I long for the time when the Netherlands was still a sovereign country, so the time before 2002, the Netherlands today, I have no connection with that at all, a paranoia digital society, where everywhere cameras, where there is more and more control over the citizens and where we have less and less participation and freedoms.

If I had been twenty years younger now, I would have left this backward country with its corrupt political and legal system for what it was, because what I see here now has become completely unrecognizable to me, this here has nothing to do with a democracy, the division is enormous, there is really nothing real here anymore, well, luckily I can still air my opinion on CSTV and there are still some people who appreciate this.
When I take a closer look at the politics of the Netherlands, I would prefer to kick the majority out of the way, because they are no longer there for us at all, the majority have long since left parliament, they pretend during campaign time, and then when they end up in a formation again, pulling the skin over their noses as usual and many voters still stink at this!
It is starting to look more and more like an ant nest here, but ants can work in such an orderly manner, it will be so chaotic in our once beautiful Netherlands, there is simply no more room for more fortune seekers, we have long reached our ceiling in terms of shelter, but imbecile politicians, who themselves live in well-to-do neighborhoods, are not bothered by this at all and close their eyes to reality.
We now have a caretaker cabinet on paper, but Rutte and Kaag are working very hard to get a Rutte IV off the ground, something that is no longer in the interest of the Dutch population at all, because that means once again racing on the 2002, and it should be clear by now that the Dutch population will only bleed for that!
Everywhere we see the rotten thing that this EU brings us, before we were perfectly able to grow our own beans, we were a household name in the field of innovation, breeding and fishing, this small country contributed to food production, ornamental crops and we are a knowledge country, now we are the fifth wheel of the EU and only good to be squeezed and rutte distributes a lot of that outside the Netherlands!
Then about corona, the virus that Rutte kept in the saddle here, most people are terrified by a virus, which is comparable to a severe flu, a virus that was probably just turned off from a laboratory, otherwise Bill would have Gates never had a patent on this, isn't it time to start an investigation into that, to give this so-called benefactor his deserved reward?
We are overloaded with feelings of guilt and false images from the past, it is high time to make the past into the present again, to draw boundaries again and once again say enough is enough!
We have to make our voices heard again, let Globalists like a Rutte and a Kaag know that we have had enough, let them fuck off.
Common Sense TV has a lot of potential, I felt very honored that a donor gave a substantial amount, but I just can't make use of this, because I write selflessly, I want to keep something like that, Danny will probably find a very good destination for 
in this battle every cent is of course very welcome, but as a columnist I just want to be able to keep busy selflessly.
Lately I've been frightened, so many ignorant people have been vaccinated, also in my circle of acquaintances, it cuts right through our society, it just sometimes makes me depressed, despite all the warnings, a lot of people end up in it the route of compulsory vaccination in disguise, I really hope that those responsible for this will not escape their punishment!
We live in a very chaotic and especially a fearful time, in which the established order and media play a very bad role, there are certain bright spots, certain beacons that can help people on their way, CSTV is a platform where people can still find information that is often purer than most national channels, which have become a megaphone of corruption and destruction!
I do not see the realization that things should be completely different in the established order, if this had been the case, Rutte would have looked for something else, he does not regret what he has done, he just wants to go back stepping into a coalition and putting the Netherlands up for sale even further, what the Netherlands needs are politicians, who again stand before the population as representatives of the people.
There is a huge gap between the citizens of the Netherlands and those who still dare to call themselves representatives of the people, but if I were allowed to make a selection from all those 150 MPs, I would send at least 100 so-called MPs home, in my previous column I I already see Salami Belhai ehhh Salima Belhai (D'66), who seems to have no understanding of democracy and plays a very dirty game!
To make it really clear to the voter, a four-year reign by a Business Cabinet or a Cabinet of National Unity could give our current politics the opportunity to really clean up, so no cabinet with a Rutte or Kaag or other monstrosities, who were partly responsible for the mess of today, but really qualified people, chosen by the people!
Rients Hofstra also regularly contributes here, a would be an enormous enrichment, with of course a binding referendum, so that the politician can again serve us as a citizen, the population is involved in the decisions for our country!
If a Rutte IV does get off the ground, I will no longer rule out a popular uprising, this man is just destructive!
Sincerely, Chris Collard.
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