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What's on Bill Gates?

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What's on Bill Gates?

Of course I don't know him personally and I had to want to keep it that way.

I think I would spontaneously let some decency standards out of my system if I bumped into him.

What do I dislike?
A successful entrepreneur who has given the developments in the technical, informative and opinion-sharing field a huge boost, is for many an icon of progress.

Microsoft, Googel and Apple, among others, greatly expanded the experience of a large part of the world population. A lot of news, but even more manipulated fake news from the news agencies Reuter and Bloomberg in particular and here John de Mol's ANP support the coverage of the old newspapers, radio and TV. The latter are in the hands of powerful individuals worldwide.

More and more people have been able to find and use social media in recent decades to pass on or retrieve 'other' news. News that the established order is becoming less and less agreeable. In all sorts of ways the undesirable messages are dismissed as conspiracy theories of wappies and fools. Censorship of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, among others, is becoming commonplace. The developments of the ever more advanced modern media started to focus more and more against the technicians and friendly rulers.

One of those grassroots techs is Bill Gates. This nerd of very good background was the co-founder of Microsoft. When the successes came, the co-founder was sent into the woods by Bill with a purse filled with change.

The highly successful entrepreneur was praised by every customer with his overflowing money shed. After all, making an American dream come true, in which millions paid and also made 'happy', Bill realized beautifully.
When he left his company in 1999, he still owned 20% of all shares, roughly $ 100 billion.

Of course, everyone sometimes dreams of the circumstances, how just one million can make a person insufferably decadent. Mind you, just working hard will make that completely out of reach. So there are other devious ways to get so godly rich. For example, not giving the staff the correct financial appreciation that they may deserve. Or the products sell for unreal expensive, perhaps in the absence of adequate competition. What cannot be ruled out, however, could be malicious acts as once with its co-founder, or deals that otherwise cannot stand the light of day.

Bill Gates

Due to a stock market crash - which Bill apparently has no influence on (yet) - his assets plummeted to approximately 40 billion. Around that time, he said he went full for charity together with his wife Melinda. They set up the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to do love in all kinds of areas. In the meantime, it took about 15 years for the stock market to recover reasonably.

When people are convinced that they put a considerable part of their assets in a charity fund, after those 15 years it can be assumed that the assets have not grown back to the original 100 billion. Here, however, and then in superlative degree: Bill is again the richest man on earth with about 146 billion dollars. I started to argue that I don't know Bill (and he certainly doesn't know me) but this stinks. The impression of an aggressive policy of corruption and self-enrichment lingers. The fact that charity does not bring anyone harm is a questionable development. This must be done at the expense of many, if, in addition, goodness is being done. When you see that Bill has interests in at least 20 very large companies, especially in the pharmaceutical and energy fields, it is understandable that he is very active in promoting the vaccine and eco products thereof. He is a leader in medical circles and among environmental propagandists, as if he were a top medical doctor, virologist, immunologist, but also a meteorologist, climatologist and warming expert at the same time.

There are rumors - but I did not let him know - that he also sponsors the WHO (talking about charity!), Is friends with Schwab, Fauci, Al Gore, Swedish Greet, Soros and the Pope, among others. Count out your loss.

Having a heart for the environment and citizens presenting the bill, while owning 5 houses of hundreds of millions together, 30 super expensive cars and an air fleet of 6 planes plus a number of helicopters, is quite hypocritical.

And suddenly the couple gets divorced. Just forgotten to get married on a prenuptial agreement years ago, Malle Linda can look forward to more than 70 billion. In that case, she is prepared to forgo spousal maintenance. They remain nice to each other and manage the Foundation together. In the meantime, she is still much better off than their two children who, when Bill dies, will each inherit "only" $ 10 million. Then you start thinking. Someone who has a life like him has a purpose for this. Which he has not told me, simply because he does not know me.

But it now appears that the bloodlines of Queen Elizabeth and Bill cross each other somewhere, even intertwined with several, not really known to the general public, powerful people of the earth. Also all become filthy rich without having to work hard. The English queen appears to be the richest woman on earth and unprecedentedly powerful. In the alternative circuit she is linked to the Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Cabal, the Illuminati and the NWO, with the spearhead of reducing the world population from less than 8 billion to half a billion.

And dear reader, you and I do not belong to that chosen group that get to ride on Bill's ark. Bill, the devil's spokesman, sees it as his lifelong task to take the lives of billions. Especially now with, but also without a syringe. No divorce can stop him from that. It could also be that Melinda wants a divorce because he has had compromising contacts with Jeffrey Epstein and his sad youthful toys. Then 'van' Bill is blackmailed. I certainly don't know him as well as his wife knows him.
Fortunately, he will never get to know me as a no-body.

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