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What you don't see on the corona dashboard of the RIVM

I've posted about it several times, but for those who don't know yet:

These are the side effects and deaths reported by the 27 countries of the European Union up to July 17, as a result of the vaccines.

My estimate is that the reports make up about 20% of the actual numbers of side effects and deaths.

Unfortunately, the governments and the mainstream media do not think it is very important to keep you properly informed.



Nearly 19.000 deaths from the syringes ladies and gentlemen. Incidentally, about half of the reports of side effects concern serious side effects. That means there are now almost 1 million!!!

No medical experiment with medicine or vaccine would be continued if there were a few dozen deaths. But as explained in the video subtitled by Danny, all patents on the virus and on the syringes had been registered long in advance. And by long in advance I mean before covid-19 existed and before the 'pandemic' existed.

The PCR covid-19 tests have already been purchased in huge numbers by most countries in 2017

So SARS-CoV-2 is man-made, along with the whole plan of testing 'infected patients' and 'vaccines' to solve the problem'. All this is being done to you by unscrupulous criminals who have no problem terrorizing the whole world and taking advantage of the crisis they created themselves.

Would you like to see another piece of evidence (I was able to 100% convince a friend who initially thought I was crazy).

Just look at the production date of the AstraZeneca miracle drug:

You can read more details and calculations in these articles:


Shall we give them a shot?

Are the 'vaccines' safe? That depends on where you live!

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