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When law continues to forbid everything, it loses confidence that cannot be regained

"Guys, let's just act normal!"

A video that, it will surprise you, was removed from YouTube.

Nico Parlevliet interpreted the voice of many Dutch people here before a judge last June.

It was about the farmers' demonstrations at the time, but his contribution contained so much more than just an argument for the farmers.

Even then it became clear that we could no longer trust our judges and Nico put his finger on the sore spot very well.

Nico also did not leave the hypocrisy of the corona measures unspoken.

"What we are making now is no longer our Netherlands."

Nico to the judge at 22:02: “One thing I should like to warn you and all your colleagues”. The trust you have received from the people. From the farmers. Of the people who have calluses on their hands. You can only lose that trust once, sir. ”

He also tackles his useless neighbor.

A golden oldie from last July with Nico Parlevliet


The Blue Tiger

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