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Where are the investigative journalists?

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The fact that career politicians lurk for power and then covet pure power says something about these pushers, but also everything about the system in which they can 'function'.

Getting them on stage, however, is an entirely different story. If the media and within it the journalists would report completely truthfully, giving them every opportunity to conduct in-depth research into the opinions and actions of the ministers and, by extension, the parties and MPs, all Dutch people would have access to correct and balanced info.

But there is very little evidence of truthful news gathering. And that is not recent, this has been the case for more than a century. Didn't Mark Twain already say around 1900: 'If you don't follow the news, you are uninformed, if you follow it, you are ill-informed'. Something like that makes you think.

Within the current political system, where party elites rule, leading to coercion at the expense of the rights and interests of citizens, journalists are the slaves of the one-sided news gathering. Really critical reporters with their own home and a family with children are vulnerable and easy to steer. Media with critical collaborators can be boycotted, or worse, accused of spreading fake news. If readers and viewers are convinced, those media will be shunned, resulting in layoffs and likely downfall.

In short, the media has to be submissive when it comes to serious matters for the sake of self-preservation. This applies in normal times, but certainly in uncertain times. One of these is the bad status of the outgoing cabinet and the idiotic and therefore difficult coalition talks. A second, perhaps much worse, is slavishly peddling the erroneous corona policy, based on a faulty PCR test.

People read and hear the reports, whispered by Rutte, De Jonge and a number of vets upgraded themselves to virologists. Messages with the aim of instilling fear, born of one-sided and compelling sources, which themselves determine that evidence is omitted.
People who follow the government uncritically are the first to call for sources and scientific evidence when it comes to reporting from alternative media.

Again, this is all possible thanks to a flawed polity, where the interests of parties take precedence over the interests of the people in the country. A system in which people with a nice face, nice ass and a smooth chat float to the top. A system where psychopaths can get the upper hand. Take a look recently at the gas handling in Groningen, the allowance affair, measures based on faulty PCR tests, including undemocratic emergency laws. But also the roll-out of 5G without a mandate from the voters, the corona upgrade to the A status, the (non) handling of the Demmink and Bodegraven case, etc. Where can I find honest reporting in the msm? Rather, the opposite is true.

How can this trend be stopped? Actually very simple, if you know that the current situation is the result of a wrong party political polity. A polity full of undemocratic institutions, undemocratic puppets, resulting in undemocratic decision-making. Within this whole, the media has to go along, otherwise they are out.

So the state system has to be tinkered with, with the aim of breaking the power of the parties as the spearhead. They will not voluntarily cooperate with this. All parties represented in the House are slaves to a faulty system, are out for power, want to participate in coalition discussions, with the logical consequence that their own supporters are constantly put to shit. Voters are being cheated because many voter promises are broken. And the press reports this as the only correct one, praising it when a completely stripped-down agreement has been reached, in which many minority views have been promoted into cabinet policy.

This was once again endorsed in the Code for Journalism, drawn up by the Dutch Association of Editors in Chief in 2008: 'Reliable and multiform journalism is of the utmost importance for a democratic society, which cannot function properly without informed citizens and a free exchange of ideas. In that open society, the journalist has the right to free news gathering and the responsibility to present the news truthfully, independently, fairly and with an open mind'. Unfortunately, none of this has been realised, because the MSM are encapsulated within a flawed polity.

Only when the state system has been overhauled, in which the interests of the parties, but the interests of the voters, are central, will journalists no longer have to hang around panting at the gates of the party bastions.
the elaborated AS system gives perspective on a full tilt. For now, only 1 party has embraced the AS system. This concerns 'The 1st Democratic People's Movement'.

On the site all points of view can be found, but first and foremost the real democratic principles.

If 75+ MPs are elected according to this principle, there is no more room for lobbyists, and journalists no longer have to dance to the tune of the power elites. Then they can finally do what they were meant to do in the distant past. To inform the public honestly, independently, truthfully and objectively.

Rients Hofstra

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