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Which political party is right for me? (Part 1)

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Triptych by regular columnist: Chris Collard.

At the age of 61, it has become clear to me which political party I will probably vote for.

A lot of people are much less sure which party they will vote for, so let me lift a tip of the veil to simply make a political choice, among the maze of all those “Dutch” political parties that claim they represent us as a voter!

First of all I go back to the party that I voted in a very distant past, when under Joop Den Uyl, currently under Lodewijk Asscher, there is no greater contrast, yes it was May 25, 1977 and I was just eighteen years old and I was then allowed to vote for the first time, my parents did not thank me for this, of course, but my first vote went to the Labor Party!

That was then a very credible party, which was there for the population, how did it come to be that this party later left its voters in the cold several times and actually became a facade of what it once was, because later it became in fact the Party of the Immigrant and after the departure of Kuzu and Ozturk who formed the party THINK, we could even speak of the Party of the Demolition!

THINK was the false fruit that grew out of the questionable PvdA policy, which should of course sometime collide, because it is the party that exists on behalf of Turkish guest workers once and that Azarkan as a Moroccan Dutchman was not surprised at all.

It will not surprise anyone that there are currently conflicts in this former PvdA sprawl, this is no match for the Dutch population, but well, we have to do with PvdA sprawl, the fruits may be red, they are not for us to eat!

Very soon I realized that the PvdA was not in the interest of the worker at all, they were just power hunters and a Louis Asscher is no exception at all, if you look closely, you can see how he has worked his way up and that without any guilt he puts the knife in the back of a hindered fellow PvdA candidate, all for his own glory

The PvdA is actually not left at all anymore, that became clear when the SP got it into its brain to launch the brochure Gastarbeid & Kapitaal in 1983, at that time there were two parties, which at that time still had the problems that exist today. games.

The Center Party of Hans Janmaat has passed away and the SP has transformed itself enormously, but it always misses the mark.

As a nature-loving person, I once voted for Green Left after my vote for the PvdA, this party is really a danger to our society, because if you think that Wynand Duyvendak is the only extremist who offers this party a stage, then you have it very wrong, many Antifa people are shielded and kept out of the picture by this extreme left-wing party, which clearly does not shy away from violence!

The SP, on the other hand, does call itself a radical action party, but at least it is still a party with principles, they are anti-globalist and still represent the interests of the Dutch population, even if I disagree with some of their views!

For example, Ronald van Raak is busy to obtain a Corrective Referendum for us, at least this party still thinks in the interest of the Netherlands.

So after I once voted SP, Pim Fortuyn came on the scene, this charismatic man has been of enormous importance to me, he named what was wrong in the Netherlands, put his finger on the sore spot and this man simply had Prime Minister of the Netherlands. must become!

But what one has accused Janmaat, Fortuyn, Wilders and Baudet of, is what has been sown by these accusers themselves. Hate!!!!

I also consciously mentioned Hans Janmaat, whose wife lost her legs in an attack, it clearly indicates that Pim Fortuyn was not the first victim of left-wing violence, if we map left and right-wing extremist violence in the Netherlands, it remains right-wing violence limited to a few incidents, while on the left there is a considerable laundry list of violence, bomb attacks to murder!

Pim Fortuyn had respect for the SP, which is very recognizable, the contemporary SP is not the choice I would make, but it is the only truly left-wing party that still does the necessary for its own citizens, thanks to parties such as the PvdA and the Green Left as globalist parties, turn V's furnacesattenfall in the Netherlands at full speed and in the Netherlands there is also an enormous clearing of our forests!

People who think that the left-wing parties stand up for our nature and environment, are therefore very disappointed, green electricity is the biggest lie there is, thanks to Jesse Klaver, whose name naturally comes across as very green, the necessary hectares of forest are left every day. in the Netherlands, it is possible that clover will grow there one day, but nothing is even planted in return!

In part two, I want to take you to the more right-wing spectrum of the political landscape, which for the most part is only right for the form, with beautiful party programs trying to convince you that they are still in the interest of the Netherlands and thus the fool your clod!

Mark Rutte could better call his VVD Green Right, which is of course also a big lie of this Pinocchio!
Chris Collard.

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