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Whistleblower: New deadlier virus released in February and total lockdown

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You may already be aware of the leaked information from Canada.

A route map.

How will the corona covid scam continue?

What is the next phase for the Covid 2021 agenda.

Where are we going worldwide to go?

We already know the facts we have read in Agenda 21 en Agenda 2030. In The great reset planning it World Economic Forum.

But a letter from a Canadian whistleblower shows much more ominous things.

The letter was published on


It's about a anonymous committee member, who writes:

I am a committee member from the Liberal Party in Canada who sits on a number of committees, but the information I provide comes from the Strategic Planning Commission.

It is administered by Prime Minister Trudeau's office.

To begin with, I would like to say that I prefer not to do this but I have to.

As a Canadian, and most importantly, as a parent who wants a better future not only for my own children but for other children as well.

Another reason I do this is because about 30% of the committee is members not happy are with the direction Canada is headed.

But our opinions are ignored and they just continue on schedule towards their goals.

They made it very clear:


De route map and the purpose is set by the Prime Minister's office and reads as follows:

Phased second lockdown restrictions on a variable basis.

To start with large urban areas and expand outwards. Expected in November 2020.

Ireland and Belgium are just ahead 6 weeks into a second lockdown.

Speed ​​up the construction of quarantine facilities in any province or territory.
Expected in December 2020.

Covid-related mortality will increase.
Expected at the end of November.

Complete and total lockdown, (much stricter than the first) and variable constraints.
Expected from Christmas 2020, or early January 2021.

Reform and extension of it unemployment program to the universal basic income.
Expected first quarter of 2021.

Expected Covid-19 mutation and / or co-infection with second released virus designated Covid-21.

Leading to one third wave with much higher mortality and more infections.
Expected February 2021.

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A new deadlier virus that will be released in the coming months will be a major blow to the resistance movement.

A third golf will corner all resistance fighters. People are going to say: you see, the virus is really deadly and those conspiracy thinkers were wrong all the time!

The dissidents will also be blamed like a scapegoat of the third wave: Those crazy hood-refusers are the cause from the rise of infections and all deaths!

A new virus will ensure that the people continue to submit to government mandates.

And this is Pandemic 2 which Bill Gates talked about earlier in an interview in which he giggling spoke about biological terrorism:

“We are now in Pandemic 1, but we need to prepare for the next.

This time it will get people's attention. '

Why are there no further questions about this?

What do you mean by that, Bill?

How do you know what the next virus is?

And why do you smile about this?

The whistleblower's letter continues on the rest of the roadmap:

Hospitals will bulge in Q1 and Q2.

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Extensive lockdown restrictions (referred to as third lockdown) will be introduced.

Complete travel restrictions will be imposed between provinces and cities.

Transition from individuals to the universal basic income.
Half of the second quarter of 2021.

Expected supply chain disruption, stock shortages, great economic instability.
Expected at the end of the second quarter of 2021.

Deployment of military personnel in large cities and at checkpoints on major roads.

Restrict travel and relocation.

Logistic support will be provided to the area.
Expected third quarter 2021.

In the next part it gets tough.

Together with the given road map, the Strategic Planning commissie asked to design an effective way to help Canadians make an unprecedented economic effort.

One that will change the face of Canada and the lives of Canadians forever.

To disguise the economic collapse, the federal government is going to offer total debt relief.

This is how it works:

The federal government will offer to cancel all personal debt (mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc.).

The IMF will provide all funding for this to Canada from what will become known as the World Debt Reset Program.

In exchange for accepting this total debt cancellation, the individual will forever forfeit ownership of all property and possessions.

The individual will also have to agree to participate in the Covid-19 and Covid-21 vaccination schedule.

This alone can provide the individual with unlimited travel and an unlimited life, even under complete lockdown through the use of photo identification, referred to as Canada's Health Pass.

We've known about several for a while now health passes as CovidPass, Common Pass en Health Passport Ireland.

We have previously reported that one is approaching 'digital beast' system.

In fact, the credo now is:

Joining the population control network or lagging behind.

As a pariah you will be cut off from BASAL SERVICES.

And be cut off from the ability to food to buy one orbit to have or one leven to have.

You will be on the margins of society.

No vaccination passport? No life!

Gaining access to public buildings, shops, businesses and public transportation will require a person to be vaccinated and show their vaccination status using the Whatsapp on their smartphone toegang to the property.

This means the end of the privacy

And the masks were the first mandate that served as a slow preparatory process for the population.

Bribing people with debt cancellation makes sense, given that it is IMF other nations bribes has offered to implement lockdowns.

Belarus, of course, was one of those countries that declined an offer.

I imagine it is very likely that in Ireland, for example, in the first quarter of 2021, probably most small and medium-sized businesses will be on the high street or in the country permanent Closed will be.

The reason for restrictions and lockdowns was of course because of them unworkable to make.

Among other things, to destroy the entire SME and to drive 99% of the people into poverty so that they are on welfare.

The government will then switch over from assistance to universal basic income, which effectively means everyone in the country in government service is.

And then the government can determine whether you get paid or not, depending on the degree to which you obey the authorities.

The universal basic income will eventually be incorporated into a society without cash.

Cash money must disappear to supposedly prevent the spread of COVID.

We are already seeing that more and more companies no longer accept cash.

The globalists have wanted a cashless society for decades.

Covid is therefore on bills but not on the keys of the pin machine.

The fact that Jan Modaal has this agenda does not see shows that the education system is designed around people Dommer to make.

In a cashless society, your bank account is nothing more than a species Paypalaccount.

Many of you probably know what it's like to get blocked on social media for posting against it official story goes in.

Only now the same super sensitive politically oriented terms of use and guidelines that Facebook and Twitter use to your bank.

Imagine that your bank blocks you for a number of days because you said something on social media that they don't like or that you were present at a political demonstration.

Or because the social credit s Country perceived you violated lockdown restrictions or just like that no face mask wore!

They may be blocking you permanently.

Your credits can be blocked or frozen at any time.

Access to your money can be cut off for a few days.

Commissioners asked who will become the owner of the forfeited properties and assets and what will happen to lenders or financial institutions.

They were simply told that the World Debt Reset program will handle all the details.

And what happens to individuals who refuse to participate in the World Debt Reset Program or the Health Pass or the vaccination program?

And the answer we received was very disturbing.

It was then replied that it was our duty to make sure we come up with a plan to ensure that the following will never happen to us:

It was told it was in it importance of the individual is to participate.

Well, that sounds very ominous.

Those who decline will initially be indefinite live under the lockdown restrictions.

And then after a short while, as more Canadians transition to the debt cancellation program, the refusers are considered one pariah and are transferred to quarantine facilities.

Once in those facilities they will two options to get:

Participate in the debt cancellation program and be released.

Or remain in the quarantine facility forever under the classification of a serious risk to public health where all their belongings will be confiscated.

This is officially called a concentration camp or Gulag.

The seems unlikely that the population just like that agrees to give up all their private property.

Unless, of course, the economic crisis leads to enormous, devastating global poverty.

And is linked to the risk of starvation due to disruptions in international supply chains.

many Nations their population can actually do not feed without these supply chains.

It is however inescapable that the elimination of private property is part of this agenda.

Welcome to 2030. I don't own anything, have no privacy and life has never been better!

In this future people do not own a home.

Everything they use including kitchenware is rented on a subscription basis. They live with strangers in shared accommodations.

And make use of public transport and / or self-driving electric cars.

They are not allowed to go outside the country's borders or into the countryside because that is bad for the environment and biodiversity.

The cities are all smart and no one is free because there are surveillance cameras everywhere.

By collapsing the economy so that people cannot work and pay their bills, mortgages and loans and even lose their homes, people become in despair.

This, of course, is again Hegelian dialectic.

Make a big economic problem and cause mass panic.

And then offers an economical solution under certain conditions and reservations.

You may keep a roof over your head and eat food as long as the roof over your head is owned by the globalists and as long as you accepts live like cattle on a digitally connected farm.

Where you have no physical sovereignty.

Vaccinated, followed, monitored and controlled.

People are going to trade freedom and property just to survive in a technocratic future.

The destruction of SMEs through lockdowns and unworkable social distancing measures included destroying the economic independence of the middle class and everyone in poverty float so that they can be controlled.

And by making those companies unworkable, real estate prices fall dramatically.

Then all those buildings on the main street can be bought up for a pittance.

Only all the big multinationals that are already on the side of the new world order and in the hands of Freemasons will survive.

They will have a monopoly especially at a time when everything is happening online.

The Canadian Prime Minister's office has indicated that the whole agenda in Canada will go through no matter who agrees or disagrees.

All other countries in the world have the same roadmaps and calendars.

The Canadian committee members who disagreed were completely ignored:

Our opinions and concerns were ignored. We were told we just had to participate. '

We are already living in a nightmare because of the new normal, but very soon we will be trapped in a dystopian hell.

No human contact, no love, no hope, no hobbies, no shaking hands, no family, no parties, no cafe, no concerts, no spontaneity in life, one hug contact, no smile, no hope, no use.

This is unbearable and it is designed to be unbearable.

But no matter how dark it may look, I believe we have received a gift, at least those who can see it.

It is an ability to see the truth.

And there has never been a greater privilege than to be on the side of all that is good and righteous and beautiful in this life.

We are given the opportunity to stand up to the darkest, most powerful, insidious, satanic, psychotic evil mankind has ever known.

We should see this as an honor and privilege because the quality of life and life itself is so under attack that there has never been a better time to really live than now!

Most of humanity does not realize that the essence of being human is under attack.

Those who see the truth are called to defend it.

No matter what that costs us and no matter what the challenge.

There is no greater responsibility and no more noble cause.

The challenge is so enormous because it is so rewarding.

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For those who are still in doubt ...

The COVID Quarantine & Internment Camps in Canada

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