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White lawyer loses his life during farm murder to protect his daughter

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38-year-old lawyer Gerrit Stander was murdered last week in his farmhouse in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

The farm in the place White river was ambushed by a gang black farm attackers.

Gerrit was shot as one dog in front of his wife and eight-year-old daughter, after a fierce skirmish with his killers.

The whole family is in one shock-status, leaving the police no detailed was able to record a description of the spouse's perpetrators.

Police spokesperson Colonel Donald Mdhluli said that Stander's father-in-law received a Whatsapp message from his wife.

She announced that their home had been broken into and that Gerrit had been shot and that he therefore had to call the police and the ambulance service quickly.

Five shots were fired at the young family.

Stander deliberately caught three bullets to protect his wife and child.

Gerrit's brother thinks his brother is a hero:

“He fought hard during the robbery to save his wife and daughter. He has his given life for them.'

“If I could say one more thing to him, I would thank him for always thinking of us first. Thank you for all your good care.

Thank you, fine [brother]. You are my hero forever. '

After having the whole house looted the farm murderers disappeared from view.

The police still have niemand arrested.


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