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Belarusians do the opposite: play football and shake hands

While almost all of Europe keeps a meter and a half away and no longer shakes hands, Belarus does exactly the opposite.

Currently 69 infections have been detected in Belarus. President Aleksandar Lukashenko: "Drink a lot of vodka, go to the sauna and work hard".

The football season started in Belarus the day before yesterday. There were also just supporters present in the stadium.

Drink vodka and you will be fine!

Lukashenko advises everyone to drink forty to fifty milliliters of vodka every day. However, you must do this outside your working hours.

So if we have to believe what all Western politicians, experts and media are saying, Belarus is going to be the shake very quickly and it should get completely out of hand there. This cannot be otherwise if these drastic measures are the only solutions. However?


Shortly before Belarus kicked off its season, the only other up and running pro league in Europe was suspended after a meeting between the Turkish government and sports officials.

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