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White slaves are dominated by black slave traders in the new BBC series

The BBC is going to launch a new series on TV in which blacks are the slave drivers and whites the submissive slaves.

The BBC thinks it's time for a wake-up call for white Britons:

“White Britons are often against globalization. This must change. "

De 'social justice' propaganda Noughts and Crosses implies that white slaves must serve their negro masters and that their names are pronounced incorrectly.

The name of the series Noughts and Crosses refers to the game 'Noughts and crosses'.

The BBC says that the rise of nationalistic rhetoric in England must be stopped.

The writer of the series, Malorie blackman, says they want to add more color to the variety debate.

“There is now a lot of money to be made with films and series such as the Marvel film 'Black Panther'. We would never have gotten this off the ground before. ”

"Many native white actors in England are now being rejected for roles in films and series."

“And historical figures are now mostly played by black actors. As a result, entire episodes of Dutch history are cut up and misrepresented. ”, said the newspaper.

"The authenticity is being affected."

It is widely known that the British Broadcast Corporation openly discriminates against whites. Because of their white skin they are usually rejected for a job at the BBC.

Malorie Blackman says the new BBC series is based on her own life:

“I am always stopped by the marechaussees at the airport. They then search my bags."

“I was once on the train 'first class' and then the conductor thought I had stolen my ticket. This is certainly because I am black! ” 

The Times has investigated the BBC's use of minorities. As it turns out, blacks and LGBTs are over-presented on British television.

13% of minorities are employed in the UK. But 23% of all roles in series and soap operas go to blacks.

The soap operas do not give a fair picture of society. It is a false reflection of reality.

In children's programs, 30% of the roles go to blacks. A disproportionate share of the rest of the roles often go to homosexuals and transgender people.

While they make up only 6,4% of society, says The Times.

Discrimination and racism, the British are rubbed in and taught by the British state broadcaster of their own hard-earned and runaway taxpayers' money.

The dystopian series Noughts and Crosses will be on the screen soon. Europe is colonized by Africa in the series.

The white slaves are called the Noughts and have been handed over to the black slaveholders the Crosses. The white slave falls in love with the black ruler. Even plasters used by the actors in some scenes are dark brown in the series.

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Over-representation of minorities and 'gays' on television:
The Times

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