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Who are the conspiracy thinkers here?

What and who is a conspiracy thinker?

What if I have a different opinion than our “trustworthy” MSM?

If I ask RIVM what about the number of people who die of corona / flu who have been vaccinated with the flu shot? I am still waiting for an answer.

We do not receive clear figures from RIVM. Every day we get a kill update at 14:00 PM.

All day long all the news is just negative, scaring and scaring the people. Police officers, brothers on the ambu and firefighters are not only in their cars, nor are they 1,5 meters apart.

But if you are in a car with 3 people and are not family, you will be fined. You sleep with your partner in the same bed, shit on the same toilet and sit next to each other on the couch.

But do you have to keep 1,5 meters outside? You should wash your hands as often and as much as possible. But your house keys, mobile phone or wallet, the light switches in the house ... then you have to disinfect everything in and around the house 24/7.

"Hey google, turn on the light in the living room!", not everyone has that.

People. We are going crazy. We are locked up in our own house and are fine with it.

The real most contagious virus that is now prevalent is the scare of the media and politics.

Our oldies in nursing homes die from boredom and because they are lonely, not from corona. Rutte said in his first speech that we could all get the virus but that could be prevented by group immunity, but now we are at home en masse, we have to infect each other, right?

Not? Mark?

Or should we actually infect ourselves at home?

Every day we get the news how many people have died of…. But we never hear how many people are cured every day

Why not..?


With friendly greetings,

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