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Who is the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro?

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Jair Messiah Bolsonaro

Jair Messias Bolsonaro, the President of Brazil, is one of the few world leaders who does not deviate from his position on corona but stands his ground.

From the beginning, Bolsonaro has been critical. He has always acted on the basis of the official figures, and everyone could read there from the start that corona is not something dangerous that does not require special measures. He has always regarded corona as the flu, or one of the many variants of the flu. From March 2020 to today. (source)

The President also tried to ban the media from reporting daily corona deaths because you “You are mentally unwell when you report live from a flu virus that has been making many victims every year for thousands of years.” (source)

He also didn't have a good word for it that people just keep counting instead of setting the counter to 0 as with every virus happens.

He also threatened to leave the WHO last summer as soon as this crisis is over.

Speaking to CNN Brasil, Bolsonaro said the WHO has not acted responsibly and has lost much credibility, reiterating recent criticisms of what he claimed last week to be a "partisan political organization". (source)

Jair Messiah Bolsonaro

The media

It's wonderful to see the mainstream media trying to blackmail this man on all sides and every globalist in this world wants him gone, just like Donald Trump.

Bolsonaro: “Only God can take me out of here!” (source)

We know Bolsonaro superficially about how he ran his complicated country before this pandemic so we don't want to label him Messiah, even though that's what he's called.

But during this crisis he is one of the few heroes in politics when it comes to unmasking this fake crisis.

The media, which nowadays criticizes everything and everyone Extremely right make you believe that the President is greatly hated in his country. Of course he has opponents. Woke figures are everywhere and so are brainwashed people. But the President is hugely popular. (source)

And because he has been critical of this corona hysteria from the beginning of this crisis and has never bowed to “new mutations”, “third waves” and other lies that media and politicians have thrown into the world, he is a true leader who wants peace and don't panic.

About Brazilians who remain in that irrational fear, he says: “Stop being sissies!” (Stop being sissies). (source)

Jair Bolsonaro said on March 5 that people should “stop whining” on COVID-19 in a speech against the protective measures to contain the crisis.

“Stop whining. How long will you cry about it?” (source)

This sounds harsh and derogatory, but as long as you stick to the facts and the real numbers and don't get distracted by any media story, with their mutations, variants and other fear mongering, then you should indeed stop crying and stay in fear. Our Minister President shouted that Dutch should not be sissies.

Bolsonaro said when he called for the easing of restrictions in certain states that have imposed the foolish measures: “We mourn the dead… But where will Brazil end up if we just shut everything down?” 

Most media's response to that was something like DW's:

“The comments of the far right leader as Brazil goes through the deadliest week of the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 1.300 deaths a day.” (source)

Extremely right? Based on? Does he worship Nazism? Does the best man have a thing for National Socialism? It's kind of weird to call someone the extreme right when that same man is striving for a democracy where the citizens have more say.

1.300 people a day? “Oh Hans!” It is nothing. No change from previous years.

But media continues to display big numbers without any context. Day in day out. It is to be heard.

And we're going to straighten that out here! In a nutshell.

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Media truth and the real truth in a nutshell

The media worldwide is exploding! Delicious isn't it?

The NOS also had to report the following:

Brazil has the most corona deaths after the United States, more than 460.000. And according to the experts, the misery is not over yet.” (source)

This sentence is pure deception.

Who has the most deaths per million, NOS? That's what it's all about.

Absolute numbers mean nothing. If you already believe in that virus, show the context! That is fair. And neither country is in the top 10.

“According to the experts, the misery is not over yet?”.

Which experts? The TV virologists? What there are a lot of experts who have something completely different to say about this. But that's not what the NOS is concerned about. Never explained, never substantiated. Follow the agenda. That is the media in 2021.

But we'll do it for you.

Took 15 minutes of time.

These are official statistics.

Also keep in mind that ze just keep counting instead of starting over every year as is normal. Also take into account that Brazil has huge poor slums where flu viruses are more common and there is less or no access to medical care, although that has improved somewhat in recent times.

Corona figures per million inhabitants

Brazil: 2.213
Czech Republic: 2.812
Belgium: 2.151
Hungary: 3.099
Slovakia: 2.273
Peru: 5.585
Bosnia and Herzegovina: 2.874
America: 1.840

Then the European countries, Spain and Italy where it was the worst in the world? What should everyone be so scared of?

Corona figures per million inhabitants

Sweden (the country without measures: 1.426
Spain: 1.715
Italy: 2.095
Netherlands: 1.030

Then America, where 20 states had little to no corona measures and have now abolished almost everything.

Note: 1.840 deaths per million.

The flu is gone. And no, that's not because of mouth caps, measures or lockdowns. Even where no measures have been taken, the flu has disappeared. The states that did not join the madness are doing the very best. Besides the fact that there are no more deaths (often less), the economy is still standing and people live as people and not as animals as in the Netherlands.

Those states are:
Texas, Mississippi, Iowa, Montana, North Dakota. They have had a mouth cap obligation for a short time.
Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee have never had a face mask requirement. At most they were recommended.

So only 1.840 deaths per million. In 18th place in the anxiety sowing list.


A striking detail of this list that contains the "official" figures: When you scroll down you come across countries that you have never heard of or where no one has economic or other interests. There you come across countries with 1 death per million. Why would that be?

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There is vaccination in Brazil. Especially the Chinese Sinovac vaccine.

A nephew works on the basis of inactivated virus. Sinovac is a 'classic' vaccine

Politics is complicated and the country, like the US, has several Governors in different states.

Bolsonaro has nothing to do with the vaccines and even less with making them mandatory.

In October, Bolsenaro refused an order for 46 million doses of vaccine against the coronavirus.

“The Brazilian people are not guinea pigs!”. (source) In doing so, he ignored the advice of the government's "health authorities".

Now the man is discredited again and it is actually unbelievable that it is a given that people do not see right through this.

While the New York Times speak of Brazil as “epicenter of the outbreak” Bolsenaro ignores this nonsense. It's simply a big lie.  (source)

This man knows what's going on. And even the official “corona figures” show that there is nothing more going on in Brazil than in other countries. The media is bluffing that most people do not understand that such a huge country like Brazil with so many inhabitants (more than 211.000.000, or 211 million) obviously has more corona, covid, or flu deaths. Whatever you want to call them. But in relative terms it is worse in Belgium. (source)

It's the number of deaths per million. Absolute numbers don't say anything if you don't put them in the right context.

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Copa America

The Copa America starts next week, the football tournament comparable to the European Football Championship here. Brazil hosts the event.

Because of Bolsenaro's attitude, horrible people from Big Tech companies, Biden slaves and globalists have done everything they can to NOT keep the Copa America in Brazil. Because it's so bad there with Corona! 

But the real reason lies deeper. Bolsenaro does not fit into the future image of these psychopaths.

They make a huge mistake when that tournament is being held in Bolsonaro's country. Bolsonaro has always been an ally of Donald Trump.

You can bet that all the media worldwide do everything to make Bolsonaro a bad person, but the more they go against it, the more hilarious it gets.

What also matters is that countries like Argentina are natural enemies of Brazil. Childish footballers (although they are often also under enormous pressure, see de Ligt) either say they do not participate or did not want to be present at certain conversations as a "statement." What a world.

Footballers with great talent but a world view more concise than that of the average useful idiot were used to stop Bolsonaro and boycott the tournament. Neymar is there one that can be used. (source)


It was to no avail.

The tournament for the Copa América can be played in Brazil this month. Probably with empty stadiums. President Jair Bolsonaro said five governors are willing to host competitions in their states.

Now we don't know the man from before the corona time and Bolsonaro may not be a saint. Who would?). But unlike the previously so-called heroes like Órban, Kurz and others who pretended to be freedom fighters, this man does keep his back straight.

His full name is Jair Messiah Bolsonaro. May he be one of the messiahs who will get us out of this madness.

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Then briefly about Google. Quit Google! It's the worst search engine out there.

DuckDuckGo but also Bing give much more balanced results.

When you compare the search results between Google and Bing, DuckDuckGo and other search engines, you really see how much censorship Google applies and how the algorithm has a clear bias.

People like Trump or Bolsonaro, but also any search query about vaccines, corona or whistleblowers. You have to struggle through a lot of pages before you come across something with a different sound.

Quit Google! It is the worst search engine imaginable because the bias is huge.


You don't see this in the media:

Pro-democracy Rally by Bolsonaro supporters:

Right at the start of the plandemic: Anti-lockdown demonstrations. Bolsonaro was there:

Bolsenaro participates in motorcycle rally “despite corona crisis (media)”

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