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WHO and EU promote MASTURBATION for TODDLERS through sexual guidelines for schools

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We refuse to mince words here. These photos are already commonplace in “modern” Asian countries, such as in China. A favorite country of the WHO. This is the society that we are forced upon by the World Health Organization. The same group of people who have to lead us through the “corona crisis” and are about our health. About vaccinations. The new normal. Once people wake up they will begin to realize what has been done to them. And that moment will come.

Sex Ed (sex education) recommended by the World Health Organization recommends that toddlers learn to masturbate.

Information about transgenderism is also being pushed before they learn to speak.

WHO guidelines state that this type of sex education should be given to children aged four and under.

This is described in a report by the CSE (Comprehensive Sexuality Education) that contains paragraphs of the WHO's Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe.

European policymakers, educators, specialists and health organizations must raise controversial issues with small children within this framework.

The CSE listed the most stunning lyrics, including the following for ages 0-4:

Provide information about ecstasy and pleasure while touching your body… masturbation

Give children the opportunity to develop awareness about the existence of gender identity.

Children have the right not to know what kind of genders exist.

For children aged 4-6 years, the following is advised:

  • Tell them about toddlers who masturbate
  • Give them information about the different types of family compositions.
  • Teach children to respect the different sexual norms that exist.


The guidelines for children ages 6 to 9 are even more explicit:

  • Educate children about the different conception options. Such as: IVF, IUI, ICSI, KID, and OVI
  • Information about toddler masturbation
  • Education about same-sex friendship and love.




We see it shamelessly everywhere. Sexy Toddlers. Hot toddler bikini set. For sale through AliExpress. The new normal.

This is about your and our children.

Children under 12 receive information about abortion and are introduced to Planned Parenthood. Bill Gates senior's abortion factory.

Explain to children about all types of contraceptives. And teach them how to use condoms and the pill.

Teach children the differences between their biological gender and the various other options. Educate them about pleasure, masturbation and orgasms.

Point them to their sexual rights: established by the Planned Parenthood Federation and the World Association for Sexual Health.

Source: WHO Standards Sexual Education Europe

In .pdf_

WHO European Standards


Planned parenthood? Who are they again? Those people who are behind infanticide?

Infanticide is being silenced by the media

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