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Who puts war preachers in German mosques?

Thousands of children seek protection in buildings without electricity, without toilets and water. Despite the agreed cease-fire, the situation in Northern Syria is becoming increasingly grim after the invasion of Turkey, according to members of the relief organization Save the Children.

In mosques in Germany that people do not pray there for peace. De "Clergy" from a large number of mosques express their approval about the warfare of Recep Tayyip Erdogan (65) in Syria and incite the violence.

Martin Hikel (33) from SPD (!) is the mayor of Neukölln and tells against picture:

“Erdogan's war is clearly visible in Berlin and other cities. Mosques pray for the military and for the martyrs. ”

The mayor finds this problematic.

“Mosques should not be misused for war propaganda. This creates even more tension between the Kurds and Turks living in Germany. ”

Martin Hikel (33) mayor of Neukölln

But the mayor does not know a quick solution. "It's hard to go in and turn off the Imams' microphones."

Well… These are the parties that have made all this possible and every one criticism of Islam and immigration put away as the extreme right and racism. See the result here, and Germany is not nearly finished yet. In a few decades, this country has allowed itself to fall for a quarter. Not counting illegal immigrants.

There have been many lately fights in Germany between Kurds and Turks.

Even sadder and incomprehensible is that HET PLAN from Merkel & Co just continue. Germany will continue to receive immigrants en masse. 

Thanks to Merkel, there will be many more German victims in the future due to the violence of immigrants. The numbers are so clear that there is no moral excuse for bringing in more of this economic refugee. But Merkel is getting rid of it.

Where Angela Merkel argued in 2010 that the "Multicultural society has failed" from 2015 this same confused woman threw the boundaries WAGENWIDD open and today everyone can still enter the land of Merkel.

source: Merkel: Multicultural Society Fails - 2010

If it is up to Merkel, people will continue to destroy their own country for many years.

Last night there were fierce fighting between Kurds and Turks in the West German city of Herne. Around 60 people were involved in the fight. The local police announced this today.

Nieuwsblad Belgium
Bild Germany

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