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WHO representatives: End of pandemic in sight, even without vaccines

We received a striking message from RT Germany by email with the headline:

WHO representatives: end of pandemic in sight - apparently even without vaccination

We report what RT reports because we cannot speak seriously about “infections”, not even about positive tests because the test does not work and not even about corona. The story has become clear and simple. The PCR test does not work. Then the entire basis for this so-called killer virus is already gone. Anyone who does not understand that is lost because it is easier than 1 + 1.

Add to that the countless lies and evidence that we are being bullied, and you'd be crazy if you're afraid of a flu virus that has had no global impact on mortality. Now just quickly convince the rest with this first-class primary school logic and we are done. We have been trying for exactly a year now, but it has not yet fully penetrated the rest of the Netherlands.

Our first article on corona differs little from our later articles on it in that regard killer virus.

This year we have more under-mortality than over-mortality because there have been a LOT of victims as a result of the INTENTIONALLY IMPOSED DEADLY CORONA ACTIONS. Although murder figures should also simply be included in the general figures for under- or over-mortality.

When you hear about the 500.000 corona deaths in America, which was of course Donald Trump's fault, that was 2019 influenza deaths in 500.000 that you didn't hear about. You are not going to report the flu in a Big Brother-ish way by counting and showing the dead on a daily basis. Then no more dogs come out. And that is exactly what they did in 2020. That influenza is gone. Gone. Whether it is now called Covid…?

Do you know what an Ovid means? It is a Roman boy name and means: sheep. Just fill in what the C could stand for.

WHO moderates tone

While warnings about virus mutations and the “third wave” in Germany are being screeched by media and state insiders like Angela Merkel, the WHO has been talking for weeks about a trend moving in the opposite direction.

Merkel still wants to see the whole world vaccinated:

German politics has the same criminal content as the Dutch and will stop at no cost. We even have to be chained at all costs after 21 pm. The population is lied to, oppressed and misled day after day.

But we hear different voices from the WHO. And that is striking!

The director-general of the WHO for Europe, the Belgian Hans Henri Kluge, Danish state television told he is confident that Corona would be over in a few months.

Behind the mask is Hans Henri Kluge

The occurring mutations are “normal” and have not caused the virus to get out of hand. The “infection rates” decreased in countries with a high mutation incidence as much as elsewhere. The worst scenarios are over.

Kluge stated:

“There will still be a virus, but I don't think restrictions will be needed. That is an optimistic statement. ”

You have that with flu viruses. Unfortunately a year too late with this logic.

Epidemiologist Klaus Stöhr, who led the WHO's global flu program and was also a SARS research coordinator there, pointed out weeks ago historical experiences with a sudden decrease in the spread of the virus in pandemic flu, RT reports.

Mutations are usually the beginning of the end of a pandemic. Virologist Friedemann Weber from the University of Giessen said:

"Spring 2021 should already be noticeably more carefree, summer almost back to normal and autumn back to normal."

Some are even talking about an end to the exceptional situation in the course of this year - without any vaccination.

Does it have anything to do with fear of a tribunal?

That is guessing.


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