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Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why are we so incredibly stupid?

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Face masks do not work. RIVM and WHO have previously confirmed this and all experts will agree.

Why then are we obliged to wear mouth masks? And why not in May and suddenly in June?

Why are all the alternative solutions that have been proposed discarded?

Why are all sounds that do not conform to the WHO line censored? Shouldn't we be talking to all kinds of experts?

Why does no one see that these simple figures alone show that something is very wrong here? Why don't we even hear this from intellectual politicians?

  • 7.786.882.480 World population
  • 5,545,463 corona cases worldwide
  • 2,327,245 corona cases recovered
  • 347,617 deaths from other conditions and suspected corona
  • 90% had at least 1 underlying (serious) condition, but most 3 or more.
  • 10% died directly from Corona.


That is, below the line, about 34.000 people worldwide who DIRECTLY died of corona with an average age of 80 (!) Years. A small village worldwide!

Not even counting that these figures are probably lower because people were thrown on the corona heap without a test.

What the heck are we doing?

Why are we having our companies wiped off the map for this?

Why are we oppressed and are we paying fat wrongful fines?

Why do we let our lives be completely destroyed. We are only at the beginning of the misery and every day that these measures continue increases the damage.

In public transport a mask and outside. Why do we allow everything when we know that every logic is missing? No measure is correct!

If the virus is so dangerous ... and so many people have broken "the rules" ... why has it NOT gone wrong anywhere else worldwide?

Why is a government doing something that goes against all logic and is deliberately allowing a country to be economically destroyed? Destroy literally? Many do not yet realize the extent of the consequences of these bizarre measures.

The media and politicians silence every other view of the corona virus. That trick works, because many people see the huge elephant in the room, that this logic is completely wrong, but they do not see their thoughts confirmed by the media or politicians.

Maurice de Hond recently explained very well that these insane corona measures go against every logic. Apparently, the people take it from a TV personality rather than an expert, so coming out is a good thing. But Maurice is censored by the media and even YouTube.

Why can Maurice explain the logic and then say that he does not believe there is something behind it?

So all governments worldwide fail to see the logic and take the wrong measures “accidentally”?

These are not errors by RIVM, WHO or the government. These are very conscious strategies that serve a different purpose.

Why don't we see that the sacred goal is vaccination?

That they want to postpone elections to avoid a coalition that does not agree with that story. The government can't wait for winter to come back and then they'll go again… The so-called “Second Wave”.

And these are just a few examples of a cesspool that opens when one searches a little further.

Why do people not look up information and backgrounds from, among others, the WHO, Bill Gates and RIVM while it is available and the puzzle pieces fall together?

When are we going to stop calling everything a conspiracy theory and simply not following the hard facts?

Why are we so stupid all of us?

Have we been united by how much power citizens have? There is no government that can stop the people's will if the people defend themselves.

This video may sound very alarming, but think twice.

Come on people! Wake up people! For yourself, your family, your children and your country! Put that fear aside! The numbers don't lie.

Also read this VERY interesting column that many will recognize!

We lose much more than our prosperity!

Spread the freedom!

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