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Why are conspiracy thinkers so concerned about 5G?

The 5G discussion has been taking place on social media and beyond for years.

The reason, in my opinion, is that 5G has never actually been a discussion and that is why it is tweeted and posted so much about it. Mutual discussions often turn out to be impossible.

Something like this does not go into my mind and in my experience it has nothing to do with conspiracy thinking or wanting to be right. The problem in the case of 5G is, in my opinion, that there are a lot of concerns but no attention is paid in the media and by politicians to the concerns of large groups of people. Then this is the effect. Black or white. Even more polarization. People see it as a gray area.

In this way, such a bizarre non-discussion about 5G has arisen.


De Volkskrant wrote a lengthy piece without actually providing any real information. CommonSenseTV was also mentioned in that lengthy article. That in turn is a compliment.

The fact that conspiracies tend to spread further and further can also be seen in the Facebook groups that de Volkskrant analyzed. Although most of the messages in the groups are about 5G and the dangers of radiation, the theories are not limited to the mobile network. For example, articles are shared with titles such as "Bill Gates announces he will implant microchips" and "Deep State (an alleged secret shadow force, ed.) Wants to control the world." Some links point to websites where readers come across multiple plots. Such as CommonSenseTV, which includes a story about 'worldwide corona swindle'. T-shirts with prints such as 'Never again lockdown' and 'Rage against the vaccine' are available in the website's webshop. (what will they get back to here, ed.)

That Bill Gates wants to do that, they also call a conspiracy. The man himself says it, the plans are being worked out , but de Volkskrant thinks it is a conspiracy. We have numerous examples that it is anything but a conspiracy. (Again, the word conspiracy is completely misinterpreted. A compromise between a number of people on anything is conspiracy, but okay. We use the word conspiracy because it just grew that way).

This piece by de Volkskrant is a lengthy piece. Perhaps their longest piece ever with the least information ever. The only thing people are looking for is: "Where do those conspiracy theories come from?" instead of asking what is and is not true and to sit around the table with a few people.

Source Volkskrant:

Bet they also secretly bought a nice shirt from us? Something for you? You support us with it and we have nice items in our shop hierrr ...

When I read these kinds of pieces my stomach turns and I don't understand that “journalists”Of "Columnists" from the so-called reputable press, write things like this and put everything away as "Conspiracies". It will make you crazy. Also, I personally do not understand the reactions why people who do not see it all at such speed express their anger at us instead of at the media and politicians who are not willing to discuss or bring this to the attention.

The day before yesterday I had a discussion about 5G with a number of friends and acquaintances.

Only one friend thinks about the same and the rest saw me get seriously lost.

The difference in approaching such a topic as 5G becomes clear during such a discussion.

I was a layman in the field of 5G and wanted to learn more about it.

When we had our YouTube channel, we first posted a video about the dangers of 5G radiation tested on animals, among others. When you post something like this, many think that that is directly our position on 5G. That is by no means always true. It is intended to be informative and everyone can draw conclusions. We thought that most would understand, but for some you really have to add: This is not necessarily the opinion of CSTV.

And so there are a number of examples.

We posted this video on YouTube almost a year ago (which has since removed us)

Not long after an honest and fascinating conversation about 5G Niels Lunsing and Carolien Schooneveld.

This podcast shows that there is a group of people who suffer a lot from radiation and Carolien Schooneveld talks about this extensively. Her treatment is in high demand.

After these two broadcasts, we received all kinds of messages about 5G through the comments and also by email.

Someone also left a comment under one of our articles about this. The person really understands these things because it is his job.

The thrust of that comment was something like this: “People who are afraid of radiation make me so despondent. 4G and 3G are just as bad. I work on this every day and that is frustrating. ”

He came there with well-founded examples and was annoyed.

Something I can imagine very well. If something is my field or I know that I know a lot about a particular subject, it is frustrating that other people don't see it. He agreed with me that I was concerned about the possibilities this gives the government. Look at China.

I told the above story in my circle of friends / acquaintances. Based on the information I have, I conclude this for now:

  • In terms of radiation, 5G is not much more dangerous than 4g or 3G (although there are also people who claim it is). A discussion point.
  • There are people in the Netherlands who are much more sensitive to radiation than other people and who actually suffer from this and can happily be helped with it.
  • I am genuinely concerned about how far the government can go with 5G to control the population. Are we not going in the direction of China and do we have to hand over so much power to the government?


I would like to add that this is open to discussion and not proclaiming it as the truth. It is something you can further develop with other people and experts. And that does not happen anywhere.

Is this then “conspiracy thinking”?

The intention is not to provoke a whole 5G discussion here, but to see how they look at certain (important) matters and how to have a good debate about it together. And how media and politicians neglect this and cause conflict by simply putting critical people away.

You take this all together and you try to reach the best conclusions with common sense.

But do you really think the government and the media need that? The opposite is the case. We just have to accept and swallow 5G. Any comment is dismissed as “conspiracy theory” and there is a childish black and white discussion about 5G right now.

Is this fair and rational?

In my view, it is very old-fashioned reasoning by those who call us conspiracy thinkers, now that so much knowledge is available in this information age.

People with doubts want more information. People without doubts dismiss any criticism as conspiracy thinking.

Isn't it a normal point of discussion?

Climate the same.

For example, can we discuss whether we are not giving the government too much power when 5G is rolled out?

Those are my concerns and I see that going wrong in the Netherlands. These things, and much more, simply should not be discussed. It has to go through and be done. And look at the social media? Everything is censored away. Hard to hard. Arguments don't count. Road hard, without mercy. YouTube channel gone. No explanation. It happened to hundreds, if not thousands, of critical influencers.

Is the mistrust of the government so crazy?

Comment? Wappie
Gullible? Sheep

But why?

This is actually a childish way of dealing with each other, isn't it?

What do we collectively know about 5G in the Netherlands? Not much.

In my opinion, in a society with a policy based on common sense and fair media, these issues come up and much more will become clear and it is up to the citizen to draw his or her conclusions.

Surely that should have been normal in 2020 without this kind of media and this rotten system?


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