What do you mean dictatorship? Police are clearing park because ... very busy.

Police ruin civilians day again

The police had to mess up the atmosphere again today.

Wherever they turn up they cause problems. They are like hooligans or Antifa.

This time the people of Maastricht were the sjaak.

Because of the beautiful weather, people had gathered in the city park. Socializing. To talk. You know. What people do.

That was not allowed and the police took action.

One person was arrested for not being able to show ID and some fines were also handed out. There were 'several hundred people' in the park, police say. During the eviction, officers received help from boas from the municipality of Maastricht.

Because the weather remains nice, a spokeswoman for the police suspects that there will also be “enforcement” in other places.

The park in Maastricht is not the only place in the Netherlands where the police took action because of the large number of people. In Amsterdam, the entrance gates to the Vondelpark were closed, so that no visitors could reach it anymore. The same happened in Tilburg.

What do you have to say to this?


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