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Why did the Netherlands stop research on HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) so abruptly?

The war against hydroxychloroquine. Big names do everything to ban this drug from the public eye!

The Dutch investigation into the two malaria drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine has been definitively discontinued. The study was temporarily halted after another large global study found the drugs to be inadequate.

However, that investigation was withdrawn. However, the Netherlands sees no point in further research. (source) (source)

What is going on to stop such an investigation?


The malaria drugs are widely prescribed for malaria and a number of doctors claim great results with the coronavirus.

The drug is praised worldwide. Donald Trump is one of the people using the drug.

Yet suddenly we see all kinds of countries withdraw and they make FALSE CLAIMS that it can be deadly. (unproven claims)

Throughout this COVID19 circus, assumptions are made that are not proven anywhere. Not one person died from the drug. Also not in combination with COVID19.

But still… suddenly there was that media wave worldwide that had to convince us that the drug hydroxychloroquine does not work. And so to give extra fright, it can even be FATAL. Pure speculation. (source)

Speculations that occur everywhere when it comes to COVID19.,

Real solutions are spasmodically kept out of the media. In any case, the average television viewer can no longer complain about this.

The strange thing is that this goes against the advice of the WHO who initially praised the drug.

Does Bill Gates see his investment in a Corona vaccine shattered? Indeed, far too few people have died from this mini-virus. Bill Gates likely expected, expected, and anticipated millions of deaths. Those numbers had to go up and money was being offered for that and corrupt doctors were being used for it. Admittedly, that is also speculation.

What was the decisive factor that the substance was permanently removed (for the public)?

The COPCOV trial. (source)

“There are currently no proven vaccines or drugs for prevention of COVID-19. Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, drugs that have been used to treat malaria and a variety of rheumatological conditions have shown initial promise. Funded by the COVID-19 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome and Mastercard Therapeutics Accelerator grant, the COPCOV study will enroll 40,000+ vital frontline health care workers and staff who have close contact with COVID-19 patients to determine whether chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine are effective in preventing COVID-19. ”

The question again ... What is going on to stop such an investigation?

And an attentive reader investigated. And who is behind COPCOV, by promoting with a lot of money that this is a bad drug (and even claiming that it can be fatal)?

The name that pops up everywhere. Bill Gates.


In short: Hydroxychloroquine is JUST worth doing independent research. 

Because with a bag of money, everyone withdraws their findings. As long as you slide enough dollars or euros:

Three authors have withdrawn an article that raised concerns worldwide about the safety of the drug hydroxychloroquine, which is found in malaria drugs. They previously wrote in the authoritative medical journal The Lancet that the chances are passing away in patients with COVID-19 may increase if they also receive hydroxychloroquine.
The writers now say they are concerned about the quality of the data they have used. They claim that the data was provided by the company Surgisphere. This would now refuse to make the complete datasets available, which meant that the research results could not be tested. One of the authors, Surgisphere CEO Sapan Desai, did not join the withdrawal.

Chance of death !? What a LIE. Based on WHAT? No ANY concrete example. Yes, otherwise give it to an 87-year-old who is in stage four cancer. Maybe it will die and you all have evidence.

But what trick do you use to reinforce this?

“Overall, patients treated with hydroxychloroquine alone experienced a death rate or 27.8%. Patients treated with hydroxychloroquine and… blabla ” (source)

I still know a few, but how high is the percentage WITHOUT this medicine that was measured on these elderly people who carried the virus and had a different condition? The source is a very long story but no evidence is given.

We can't wait until the day comes when these people are wiped off the map.

Figuratively, of course, AIVD. No worries!

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Is Bill Gates evil and life threatening?

Mark Rutte keeps shifting on behalf of the Netherlands of your tax cents:

Mark Rutte donates 325.000.000 to Bill Gates, WHO and Unicef ​​for “immunization”



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