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Why Mark Rutte is not there for you… ..

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How can it be that Mark Rutte does not stand up for the Dutch people who have chosen him, voted for him (well, not really of course) and pays him to rule the country well and serve the people.

Why would Mark Rutte already cooperate in the implementation of Klaus Schwab's Agenda?

Ladies and gentlemen, here's how:

Klaus Schwab delivers his speech at the Global Citizen Award 2019. (Unfortunately for this "citizen of the world" the English language is so horribly bad and almost incomprehensible that I translated it for you):


Dear friends, imagine a prime minister taking a bicycle to the office. If he has to travel a long distance, yes, he has a car. But it is a 12 year old 2nd hand Volvo. And he drives himself. He goes to school every week. A school for immigrant children to teach them history. Where can you find such a prime minister in the world? You can find that in the Netherlands. And it is Mark Rutte.


Mark, you have a triple role. First of all, you are of course the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. And the Netherlands, a small country, but one of the 20 most important economies in the world. But you have been playing an important role in the politics of your country for 10 years. Nominated for prime minister in 2010 and involved in business and of course politics as well. But you are also a great guy in Europe. Thank you for ensuring that there was a certain stability especially during a challenging time for Europe where Brexit has to be dealt with. And in the end, we should not underestimate the significant role that the Netherlands plays on the international seas. You are one of the big tunnels (?), You are at the front of cyber, no food safety, water, gender and so on.

Mark Rutte, you are a very private man and when I did my research on you, it is difficult to find data. But, someone, it was the former Speaker of the European Parliament, said that you are a cool (cold sure (mt)) man. And I said, you are one of the longest serving politicians and prime minister in Europe. But an unknown source also told me that you are probably the prettiest (appearance (mt)) prime minister in Europe.


(See for yourself how handsome, our Mark. Here in the picture when he didn't have such important friends and still had to settle down with Marc Dutroux)

But we continue with Klaus:


But more importantly, especially in our world, you are a man of principles. And I want to say, there are 2 kinds of politicians: The first group are those who are driven by radar systems. That means, they send out signals and they adjust their behavior based on the signals they get back. But you are not a radar man. You are a compass person. Someone who has clear values, who follows his values, so you are a true statesman. So it is a great honor and pleasure for me as the first recipient to present to you, on behalf of the Atlantic counsel, the World Citizen Prize, 2019.




Well, Mark's butt was all covered in butter and an adult male peacock couldn't touch the feathers sticking out.

Can it get any crazier? Yes, watch / read / listen to what Mark had to say:


Klaus…., Dear members of the Atlantic Counsel, ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. To award me the World Citizen Trophy. It is indeed a great honor and a great privilege. However, I must admit that I am actually a man of customs and traditions. To give you an example: I was born and raised in The Hague, I have always lived there and I have no intention of moving anywhere else. So some of my best friends had a hard time seeing me as a trend setter world citizen. But as you explained, Professor Schwab, dear Klaus, this award is all about strengthening international and transatlantic relations.

And yes, that is close to my heart. It is a fundamental truth that transatlantic companies make us stronger than when we are isolated. And that's not rocket science. But simple common sense, as world history has taught us since 1945.

Perhaps the most important lesson I have learned in my years as prime minister of one of the most open trading nations in the world is that national interests are often best served by international cooperation. And this is true when it comes to free and fair world trade. It's true in terms of security. And safety. With NATO as a primary example, serving the interests of all member states, including the United States. But it is also true when we look at the SDGs or the Paris climate agreements. The late Kofi Annan once said: “They often ask me what people can do to become a good citizen of the world. And then I said that it starts in your own society ”. So what we do at home and how we act abroad are really interrelated. And if we do the right things, in the right way, in the right order, together, then suddenly 1 + 1 can add up as 3.

In my text it says that I would get applause now, but …… .you don't respond….


(applause after all)

Thank you.

Now, it is almost a cliché to say that the global struggle for power is changing rapidly.

But that's the way it goes with clichés. They are true, and we have to deal with this truth. When I was a guest at this fantastic Atlantic Council in Washington in July of this year, I had the opportunity to talk about this at length. And my main message remains that in today's world, it is in our own best interests and in our common interest to keep the transatlantic alliance strong and active. Because we need each other to secure a democratic and free society. To protect and expand world trade. And finally, about the postworldlateral system (he couldn't get his words out for a moment but he wanted to say something about how he wants to make the postworldlateral system?!?) Fit again.

Because the UN, meeting here this week in New York, as well as NATO and WHO, are all based on the principles of a bi-polar world. In a time when there were still clear boundaries between east and west, and between a first and third world. And reality has changed since then. But the underlying system has not developed, and that causes problems and friction. Today we live in a multi-polar and volatile world, a world of changing coalitions. It is up to us, the responsible politicians of today, to be sure to respond to this new reality. By making all necessary changes and improvements, without throwing out the baby with the bath water. And I believe this is one of the most important tasks we face in the Atlantic region.

Ladies and gentlemen, when I heard that the Atlantic counsil was kind enough to make me a World Citizen, and that the ceremony would take place on Wall Street, my thoughts immediately went to the Dutch woman, whose name is engraved in a monument of 9/11, not far from here. Ingeborg Laribie, was only 42 years old when she died on that terrible day. The day that changed an era. She was truly a world citizen. Born of Dutch parents, built a life here in New York, with friends all over the world. In a report in the New York times, she was respectfully described as originally Dutch, resident of all over. That is a thought that should concern us all. Because, wherever we come from, we all benefit from an international vision. And an open mind. And that's why I don't see this honor as a life reward. Or a life rewarding prize. But as a stake price.

Thank you



What if we compare this verbal diahree with what this disastrous dictator is now pouring out on us ………

Nowadays, Mark can also join the annual festival in Davos, organized by Klaus. Together with Merkel and Macron and other great world leaders. But then of course he has to do what is said.

Oh dear, Mark had forgotten to put his index finger down when he wanted to convey his message to the Dutch people …….

All the lies he has put up in his speech are forgiven by Klaus. In fact, Klaus secretly had to laugh heartily.

And so it is that you are screwed by Mark all year round, that Mark is screwing everything to hell, that Mark doesn't care about this country and the Dutch at all.

Because when he sits up nicely and gives his feet, he gets his cookies thrown from Klaus.

And just look at what it says here: this organization can only do this to eradicate poverty. Where else have we heard and read that?

“Global Citizen Prize, which will celebrate and honor leaders who are shaping the world we want and taking action to end extreme poverty.

The Global Citizen Prize honors those making extraordinary efforts to lift up the world's most vulnerable and make the world a better place, and who inspire others to stand up and take action. ”

All sounds great again, don't you think? Just like in the reports of the Rockefellers, the IMF, the WHO, Gates, the WEF and the World Bank. They are all going to fight poverty by bending the world to their will. And especially Mark! “Our Mark”. He has nevertheless won the 1st prize with it.

But 'end extreme poverty' could also mean something different from what we initially think. Because until now they are all just trying to push the arms even further towards the abyss, or over it.

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