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Why should you trust the government?

Why should you trust the government?

Many people feel that there is now something strange going on with the approach to the corona, it feels a bit inconsistent, the rules are constantly changing, it all seems a bit clumsy and not very useful. But hey, the government may sometimes make some mistakes, but everything with the best of intentions, right?

This confidence has been built up because there has been no major war since 1945 and it has gone relatively well. We still live in prosperity and most people were fairly happy until recently.

However, it is now high time to wake up and see the government with different eyes. I will mention a few examples as a wake up call.

The number of deaths caused by governments in history is considerably more than the number of deaths caused by wars. Nearly 100 million people have died as a result of communism in Russia and China. The genocide by the Nazis has resulted in nearly 20 million deaths, regardless of the violence of war. The list of genocides is very long.

Another clear example is the banking system.

We all pay interest to central banks such as ECB and FED. This interest does not go back to the population but goes to the Rockefeller's and the Rothschilds, among others. The injustice of this system cannot be found in any economics book.

Furthermore, governments regularly start unjust wars to which we as the Netherlands then meekly join.

Do you remember the Gulf War in which Prime Minister Balkenende and Jaap de hoop Scheffer were only too happy to participate? The motivated motivation for the Gulf War was Saddan Hussein's weapons of mass destruction but it evidence this was completely devised. It was, of course, about the oil in Iraq.

Another example is the invasion of Afghanistan because a few men from Saudi Arabia had collapsed three towers after a few flying lessons. Did anyone think the occupation of Afghanistan was an appropriate response to this event? This invasion was, of course, about the opium trade.

And do you remember the usury policy affair? The great robber barons our society, the banks, had robbed us of it 20 - 300 billion euro. Professor Arnoud Boot had warned Minister Zalm about this, but Minister Zalm laughed away all concerns. This allowed the raid to continue for years unhindered. When a lawsuit finally took place, mediation took place by Wabeke, who, according to rumors, is blackmailed for fornication with children. The population received a pittance and the banks were allowed to keep the stolen money. Minister Zalm should have been locked up, but was given one top position after another at the DSB & ABN-Amro in thanks for his willing cooperation.

How much is 30-100 billion? By way of comparison: if all immigrants in the Netherlands would steal a new Mercedes tomorrow, it would only be a fraction of what the banks had stolen. Perhaps this is a bit of a twisted example, but it also indicates how little attention is paid to government fraud compared to the immigration problem.

Also in other fraud cases such as World Online, Bernie Madow, icesave and go on; the population is always on the loose, the white-collars get away with it and the government makes it all happen.

And do you really think the government cares about your health? We get flu vaccines en masse no added value, 1 million people are on the antidepressants of which added value compared to placebo is 3%, we receive massive statins for high cholesterol, completely useless and with many side effects. The pharmaceutical industry is getting rich, we have the side effects and the government is making it happen.

And how much effort has the government put in to reduce smoking and obesity? Even without coercion, enormous health gains could have been achieved there much earlier. However, this would come at the expense of tax profit so that wasn't really the priority.

In short: we, the common man, are just dairy cows, manipulable voluntary slaves with the aim of enriching the elite.

Now back to the corona crisis.

The population is now flocking in an utter nonsensical lockdown kept. The health gain for the population is negative, the gain for the government is evident: crowd control. Because of fear we are in the hands of the government and let the most senseless measures happen.

Our freedom of movement to turn the tide is getting smaller, the laws more drastic, the punishments higher, the oppression more fierce and also the censorship is increasing noticeably.

People do not realize enough what an horrific world we are about to end up in, we meekly march to the abyss with our mouth caps. An inky black episode in history awaits us.

Is there still hope?

There are two ways to get out of this dictatorship: either we wake up early or America comes to our rescue.

If Trump becomes president, let's hope so, he will end the lockdown in America. The whole world can then see clearly that nothing special is happening. Life will go back to normal and no one will die. This is already clearly visible in Sweden, but apparently this country is not big enough to serve as an example and the media manages to conceal this.

But we don't have Trump. We have Mark Rutte and the EU and will therefore soon be in a dictatorship with quarantine camps and mandatory vaccines.

The question is whether America will send an army to save Europe. First, the motto is America First. Second, Trump must first put things in order in America. He must first remove all bad apples from the system, they say drain the Swamp. Only when that has been arranged can he consider helping Europe to get out of the dictatorship. However, we would make it a bit easier for Trump if we woke up here ourselves in time, because Trump will not send an army if we consider that army an invasion.

How great is the danger for us in the short term? Usually the bigger the lie, the bigger the bet. The lie is big so the stakes are also quite big, and not to our advantage. On top of that: do criminals still have a way back to the authorities? Probably not when the truth comes out Nuremberg-esque scenario. So even if they lose the battle, like Hitler in the bunker, they will continue to the bitter end.

Remember, we have the masses and the truth, they have the media, the money and now the police. They can do it as a last weapon money system collapse for massive disruption. And they may have more surprises up their sleeve. The battle is far from over.

So Wake Up People.

S. de Roon

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