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Doctors collective: "We have sworn not to harm patients."

Call for Stichting Artsen Covid Collectief

On behalf of nearly 1.000 doctors, the Doctors Covid Collective Foundation broadcast a video this morning to call on their fellow doctors to join the foundation.

The video is old in less than an hour and has been viewed over 4.000 times. 


“In times of crisis there is no absolute truth. As a doctor, I got into a major conflict months ago. A conflict between my doctor's oath and my great doubts. ”, opens the video.

“Doubts about the measures. Doubt about the price we have to pay as a society. ”

This is good news. We have been waiting and have been hoping for a while that doctors will finally dare to stand up together against these corona measures. They play a very important role in uncovering the truth. We can also immediately see which doctors actually dare to take their responsibility and which ones put their responsibility aside. Doctors are people too and just like in any group in society there are good doctors as well wrong doctors.

The consequences of this policy are incalculable and doctors have a great responsibility to speak out against it. Distrust of doctors is also growing as this corona story begins to become more apparent and we see that we are "trying to kill a cockroach with an atomic bomb." resigned VVD party chairman Ghislen Nysten it calls.

#I doubt

Nearly 1.000 Dutch doctors have joined the foundation. 

Several doctors pass by with the message: "I am a doctor and I have doubts."

Another doctor:

“We like to give politics alternatives as a present, whereby we think in terms of possibilities. In which we don't sacrifice one group for another. ”

"In which being healthy and staying healthy are central, but also in which we as professionals can contribute to the separation of ZIN and NONZIN."

As doctors, we have promised or sworn not to harm patients

“There are realistic alternatives. Alternatives that we dare to say are not heard or seen. ”

"We call on our colleagues to join the largest medical collective that deals with the corona approach."

Another doctor:

“Our doubts are our starting point. As a goal change. As doctors, we have promised or sworn not to harm patients. That entails a great responsibility. And we are vulnerable in this. ”

The corrupt media will not pay any attention to this. Maybe a small article somewhere. They just want to scare and frighten the people through their own TV virologists and specialists who are far from the real world.

Only 1.000 doctors are ignored by the media and by politicians. This has to stop. Also share this as much as possible. Show the Netherlands how things really work.

Website Stichting Artsen Covid Collectief


Announcement: 'I am a doctor and I have doubts'

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