Wikipedia: tool for 'perception management'

Wikipedia is the popular, 'authoritative' internet encyclopedia known as objective. Wikipedia is number five of the most visited websites. Google provides this website as the first search result. However, the internet encyclopedia is not what it seems. Precisely because of its official and reliable aura, Wikipedia is the instrument for 'perception management' in which large-scale falsification of history and character assassination is committed on a Zionist basis.

Character assassination, hallmark of fascist pathocracy
During my research for the article “Vaccination? The virus does not exist! ” I especially came across part III on the fact that the characters of almost all the disclosers of the virus lie –many renowned academics– Piece by piece after their revelation of the truth were murdered on Wikipedia.

Character assassination is one classic manipulation technique for psychopaths and a society, in other words pathocracy, run by these insane people. It has also traditionally been a hallmark of fascism.

Research on Wikipedia by Dirk Pohlmann
At a media conference in Prague, Canadian investigative journalist Eva Karene Bartlett spoke, whose character was also murdered on wikipedia, with the German journalist Dirk Pohlmann. Pohlman did a lot of research on Wikipedia, including the fact that character murders and libelous presentations by truth-seekers in the internet encyclopedia cannot be undone.

False freedom
Pohlmann says that freedom in the Western world is very limited: Going outside the box means the end of your career. As an example, he cites university critics of the official 9/11 story from whom the doctorate has been taken away, such as the Swiss Dr. Daniele Ganser who made a connection between 9/11 and Operation Gladio.

People who try to remove the false allegations and replace them with the truth are immediately "banned," often for their lives, for "vandalism," said Pohlmann. The corrected text is immediately reversed and replaced by the officially prescribed reality.

Zionist 1% determines what you can think and think
Pohlmann describes how a small group of eighty elite editors must end up approving everything on Wikipedia. That means that a group of 1% edits 70% of all content. The journalist portrays them as an activist 'sect' linked to Israel and Zionism (which should not be said because that is anti-Semitism).

As an example, Pohlmann cites a German, former conscientious objector who later volunteered for the Israeli army, became a Zionist and changed his name from Jörg Egerer to Jörg Mathias Claudius Grünewald. He describes this Zionist's involvement in editing countless Wikipedia articles and destroying the reputations of dissenters.

Zionist Ministry of Truth controls the officially prescribed truth worldwide
Pohlmann says his research has shown that Israëls Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy has a budget of $ 17.000.000 that the ministry spends exclusively on editing Wikipedia, Facebook & YouTube contributions. They have it organized at the state level, affiliated with the Secret Service, and Wikipedia is a tool that is part of the information war they lead, Pohlmann says.

Ministry of 'Strategic' Affairs emblem


This mainly concerns historically and politically sensitive subjects, persons and comments that are critical of the officially prescribed truth. Incidentally, websites such as Snopes and the various Fact Check sites financed by 'Big Tech' use the same method.


Example of allegation of anti-Semitism under CSTV article 'The virus does not exist'


Thinking differently = anti-Semitic
The most commonly used instrument to silence dissenters is the accusation or accusation of anti-Semitism. Also on Common Sense TV are 'Fact Checkers' and (government-funded) trolls who try to print articles and people in the anti-Semitism corner.

Below Eva Bartlett's interview with Dirk Pohlmann (thanks to 'Peace'):


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