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Do I want that? Living in fear?

It is gradually starting to become clear to people, drop by drop, that there is something very different than what our governments are telling us, because is there really a pandemic going on, is this making people fall by the bushes, or is there something else about it? the hand?

Around Easter we had a few beautiful days, with excellent temperatures, plenty of sun and the region in which I live is at its best, the bulb fields are blooming beautifully, but the Keukenhof is closed and many people are still locked up in their homes in fear .

The people who wanted to break through this spiral of fear are being held back by roadblocks, because we shouldn't see this beautiful environment from our government, a government that goes all the way in the media craze, where people like Ab Osterhaus are portrayed as heroes!

Well, we are ruled by fear, by people who scare us and the media is running around eagerly throwing that around, with click lines to punish the people who don't want to join in this madness, it reminds me of a distant past, where people turned each other for money!

So there is clearly an objective behind this, so this all happens very consciously and people who think like this are put away as conspiracy thinkers, but is that really the case? I don't think so!

It is high time to break this negative spiral, that there is a virus floating around that is something that is still plausible, but we have known that phenomenon for years, we see that every winter, one year demands that more victims than the other year.

I deliberately did not use the word corona, because this virus has been around since the sixties and is therefore not new at all, which is new, that is the new name “Covid-19” where Bill Gates because it is a corona virus is patented!

Bizarre actually, because everything starts to indicate that this virus has not happened to the world at all, it has a large revenue model behind it, so I will just show the fourth video by Janet Ossebaard here, which can make people think. .


So panic is deliberately sown and people are held captive in fear, so I do not want to say that nothing is wrong, but I advise people to check out “Bill Gates vaccinations” on Google and there. open the necessary pages.

Self-examination is the best medicine there is, because our government can no longer be trusted, because they have now been holding us hostage within the EU for more than 15 years and are killing everything in which the Netherlands excelled!

We have long since ceased to live in a democracy, although it seems that this is still the case, so the people who will be obediently going to get their vaccinations have no idea what extra bonuses they will be getting implanted in their syringe in the future !

Yes, there are even voices in politics to force people to be vaccinated and Bill Gates is building seven factories to make that possible, while according to people who investigated this virus, this virus has not claimed an excessive number of victims!

It is no coincidence that President Donald Trump has given the WHO its worth, that Bill Gates is known as the second largest donor of this organization, it must also give some thought, in my view RIVM is no longer too confidential about.

There are enormous interests behind this, an enormous amount of money to have us injected and for those who have just watched “Bill Gates vaccinations”, it is clear that this new god has no good intentions for us at all!

A kind of anger has arisen in me, for such practices remind me of someone who practiced equivalent practices on humanity over three quarters of a century ago, and has never been convicted of it, a certain Doctor Joseph Mengele!

It's just bizarre that billionaire status gives certain people so much power that they can begin as some sort of new gods to decide who can live here on earth and who can't, some sort of new Cesar, who either clicks or determines our fate?

The fact that humanity has overcrowded this planet does not alter the fact that we are not waiting for a power that decides our lives, humanity itself will have to realize that we are better off with fewer people, that is not an individual to determine!

There is only one real certainty that we have in this life and that is the knowledge that sooner or later we will die, that we are more cautious at the time of a virus outbreak, there is nothing wrong with that, but being chained by fear is clearly not the intention!

It is high time we let people hear from us, that the truth comes to the table, luckily we see the cracks in globalism, people shake off the fear, it is high time that all madness stops turn into.

What was wrong with a sovereign Netherlands? to an EEC? at national borders? to the Netherlands that has put itself on the map with trade, animal husbandry, agriculture and fisheries? to a country that excelled through innovation? nothing wrong with that right?

Under all kinds of false pretenses, the EU and our politics that have betrayed us are trying to destroy it and hold us hostage in an EU that really means nothing to us and will never mean anything.

In Italy they are done with it, almost 70% of the population now says NO to the EU, people turn you away from a herd spirit like a Mark Rutte, these people do not serve the purpose of their own population, these people serve the multinational and the EU!

Chris Collard.


Is Bill Gates evil and life threatening?


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