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WILDERS has been warning about Erdogan for 15 years

Now that Erdoğan has invaded Syria, the dolls are dancing.

A few days ago it suggested CDA MP Martijn van Helvert om Expel Turkey from NATO. He submitted a motion to convene the NATO Council urgently.

He wants sanctions against ally anyway Turkey.

GEERT WILDERS, however, has been warning against Erdoğan's Turkey for 15 years:

“Erdoğan has imperial dreams about the West. He has no respect for Europe. He is killing Kurds. Turkey is the North Korea of ​​the Bosporus ”.

"Erdoğan is an untrustworthy Islamist and ISIS friend," said Geert Wilders.

“And you get on your knees for that, Mr Rutte. How do you get it into your head? !! ”

Recep Erdoğan announced a few days ago that he would send 70.000 ISIS women and children from Turkey back to their country of origin via embassies.

The Turkish invasion of Syria has been referred to by Europe as a 'unilateral military action'. Erdoğan does not like these words. He is therefore threatening to open the gates to Europe for 3,5 million refugees if Europe does not swallow its criticism of the raid.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced a few hours ago <br><br>Donald Trump that he will NEVER declare a ceasefire in Northern Syria. He added that he is not at all concerned about Trump's sanctions in response to the Turkish offensive.

PVV compilation video warning Wilders:


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