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Wildersgate - The conspiracy against Geert Wilders (PVV)

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Tribute to Geert Wilders. If this man walks around for 5 minutes, he will be killed. Not because of discrimination. Because of criticism of a religion, a prophet who is not even ours. We have no moral obligation to accept this. Just think about that. We would consider this insane 30 years ago.

We would laugh about it with our healthy, sober Dutch minds. And now look where we have ended up. We see it and we let it happen. We are very far gone. In many ways. Every day you wake up hoping ... is it over? Is the madness over and is the Netherlands the Netherlands again? Are we awake?

But that madness is not over. It is becoming increasingly clear. The net closes around the cartel. The net also closes around the madness from the left. Corruption is being uncovered and the media is being thwarted. Prepare for an intense time of left-wing and liberal convulsions and aggression. But the Netherlands is waking up. This sound is going to win. The sound of common sense.

Spread the freedom!

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