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Is Italy really going to leave the EU?

As the true nature of the European Union becomes increasingly visible, the desire of Italian citizens and politicians to leave the European Union is growing.

While Italy was waiting hopefully for the delayed aid from the EU because of the Corona crisis, aid suddenly came from a completely different angle.

Italy received great support from Russia.

The Russians sent large-scale tests, 150 fans, 330.000 masks and 1.000 protective garments. The Russians also supplied disinfection vehicles and an army of 100 specialists in 10 Ilyushin Jets.

Ilyushin jet - Russia

The Russians received a warm welcome. There were posters with 2 hearts in the colors of the two countries on the Russian vehicles entering Italy.

The Russians have the operation From Russia with Love called, said Reuters. (source)

Russians on their way to Bergamo:

But while the Italians and the Italian government warmly welcomed the Russians, one of the country's oldest newspapers, The print, worry.

The newspaper is skeptical of this spontaneous aid from Russia and so many Russian vehicles in Italy could just as well lead to a serious breach of Italy's rural security. (source)

The newspaper also noted that 80% of the material provided was barely or not usable. (source) (source)

The government strongly criticized the newspaper, which warned and criticized the presence of the Russian army on Italian territory.

This was followed by angry reactions from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs who accused La Stampa of cultivating Anti-Russia sentiments. (source)

The fact is that the European Union has failed to support its own Member States, so that outside aid has of course been embraced.

 Di Maio welcomes Russian auxiliary aircraft:


Emergence of anti-EU sentiments

The EU's hesitant attitude has angered many Italians. Foreign Minister Di Maio, of the 5 star party, wrote on Facebook: “We are people who have given a lot to the EU. Now is the time to give something back to us from the EU. ”

“Italy was increasingly suspicious of the EU and this could well herald an Italexit.”, said Sébastien Maillard, director of the Jacques Delors Institute.

"This state of affairs will trigger many more people and politicians to argue for an Italexit."

He sees that difficult times are ahead for the European Union:
“An EU without Italy is deadly. Certainly after Brexit, it is impossible for even one of the founders of the EU to leave the Union. ”

The EU is now a Union in which 27 countries stand still. The financial recession that follows will also cause a social crisis and many people will long for sovereignty.

Jorg Wojahn, a representative of the European Commission in Germany wrote in the Tagespiegel:

“There is a new Facebook group in Italy #StopEU-Italexit set up and had more than 900.000 followers in no time ” 

“The Italian media is also full of pictures of Russian and Chinese aid. And in Germany still no bell rings here in Germany! ” (source)

Recently, the Facebook group #Stop EU-Italexit and it immediately has more than 900.000 followers. (source) (source)

In Italy, politicians and citizens remove and burn European flags:

Fabio Rampelli, Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, removes the EU flag:

We can manage without the EU!

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