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There is a calm sea breeze. The sun gently shines through the clouds.

Partly because of this, it becomes even more visible the enormous damage caused by hurricane 'Hanneke', which has raged across the country.

That's how it feels, it seems, that's how I dreamed. It was like a huge hurricane. But in reality it is a different kind of hurricane. A hurricane that has not been given a woman's name this time, but is called 'Corona Hoax'. The problem with 'Corona Hoax' is that it is not an ordinary hurricane, this is a hurricane that will never stop with its devastating power and disastrous effect.



the disease that you can contract after a corona infection can no longer be compared to the flu. I will not do that this time. It's not the flu. Although it has many characteristics of the flu and has miraculously made the flu (influenza) disappear from the face of the earth. Blown away by the hurricane, right? It's not the flu. It is a new disease that can hit some hard, some lightly, and leave many unaffected. It can actually be compared to most diseases that can happen to us. Most illnesses leave many unaffected, some mildly and some severely. Sometimes this has to do with lifestyle, but often also just bad luck. I have lost many friends, relatives and acquaintances to cancer in recent years. A few of them had been breathing through 'heavy shaggies' most of their lives, but with most of them I couldn't figure out why they had contracted that disease.

The 'experts', who call themselves virologists, claim to know everything about the new disease. But in reality it seems that they know little or no about it. At least, that's how it appears when it comes to the virologists who have to advise governments. Governments that convert the advice of these 'experts' into dictatorial rule. And the "experts" who call themselves politicians claim to know all about the government that needs to be conducted to combat this new disease. But in reality (b) it seems that they do not or hardly know anything about it and do not want to know.

Many wise scholars who do not work for the government have very different insights and come to completely different conclusions regarding this virus, the disease and the measures. Professors in various related sciences, doctors, doctors, lawyers, (real) journalists and many other curious people who investigate. But that should not be listened to from the authorities. The solutions that scientists propose to reduce the spread of viruses are not being applied. The medications available and recommended by doctors should not be used. The nutrition and exercise advice of specialists is dismissed as quackery. The objections raised by immunologists against the new experimental vaccines are being censored.

The people who do listen to it and try to inform others about it, are dismissed as conspiracy thinkers, no, conspiracy choice even. You may not investigate, you may not think, you may not prove, you may not conclude. You just have to do what the 'experts' say.

Conflict of interest

I have reported on this before, but it appears more and more that the 'experts' that the 'dictators' listen to are full of self-interest. Interests in the PCR tests and everything related to it, interests in the vaccines and everything related to it, and thus interests in the 'Corona-Hoax' hurricane. And rumor has it that the politicians involved have even greater interests, from which we will experience even more serious consequences …… ..


I'm not a virologist

but knows that this new virus has not yet been isolated in isolation and can therefore still be regarded as a theory. We already have a whole series of new, even more contagious and even more dangerous, but also not isolated, variants of the virus. That is presented as the new disastrous news. More lockdowns, more idiotic measures, because that has more than proven its usefulness so far. However?? The virus is detected with a test that is not suitable for this and will be combated with a vaccine that, although extremely experimental, has been put together at record speed and time, has not or hardly been tested, but must be released on the entire world population . Shortly after the vaccination, several people have already been saddled with serious side effects and several deaths have even been reported. But the 'experts' can assure you that the vaccine was not the cause.

However, it has already been made clear that that vaccine will not stop the hurricane 'Corona Hoax' either. Despite the fact that it will soon be more or less mandatory that you are going to have that experimental vaccine injected and that will therefore take place on a large scale, the world can still not go back to normal after that. Why not? You may be wondering.

Well, that is probably on the one hand because the politicians like to continue to manage the hurricane and on the other hand because there may be another agenda, another hurricane, rolling out, raging.


As a child I was vaccinated

according to the rules imposed on my parents. And I cannot judge whether or not that has been good for me. But I survived it all. When I went on a world trip for the first time in my life, I was vaccinated against everything and I was prescribed all kinds of malaria pills, according to the advice of the Tropical Institute. That was my own decision, but I soon regretted it very much. I felt invulnerable in India and have never fallen so ill in my life.

After that I continued to travel the world and never again had a syringe put in my body or taken a pill, but instead just always used my common sense.


Common sense

If they really want to do something to make the world a better place, there are so many obvious steps to take. But they are not taken. Ionization is a proven, feasible method to purify the indoor air from viruses. But the information that is known about this is now also censored and has been removed from the RIVM website. (A striking detail is that the new 2nd chamber building will be filled with ionizers.)

We're going to stop caring for sick people in hospitals, saving lives, keeping the beds free in case other people get sick. Because only the Corona Hoax patients matter.

And the lack of common sense doesn't just concern the Corona Hoax. We are going to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by no longer using natural gas, but cutting down trees and burning them. We are going to fight poverty by demolishing society as a whole and pushing hundreds of millions of people into poverty. And so I can think of many other examples.


Fed up

'Kotsbeu' is a more Belgian than a Dutch expression and is widely used in Flanders. But I have never heard the word spoken more often than in this year. The Flemish are also sick of government measures. Yet almost everyone continues to sheepishly accept it all. Hardly anyone revolts. On the one hand scared, but on the other completely sick of the measures. But keep following obediently. A few excepted (check out Usually it is the youth who are looking for a hidden location somewhere to get together and have a pint. Until somewhere a neighbor gets to know about this and betrays everything, as befits a real Fleming or Dutchman, and calls the police. And the police are strict. They take very strict action against this kind of irresponsible behavior. Why so strict? Because they are very frustrated or something? They were all just sitting on the desk enjoying a gourmet meal when another NSB-like traitor called and they were obliged to pull out. Would that be it? All that brutal display of power from the law enforcement officers, you would think those people also have some feeling?

If you are not five feet away from another person, 4 or 5 police officers or town guards will come up to you, all within 30 inches, to handcuff you. What does that mean then? How can such a thing happen? Be sure to read the column Karel Nuks has written on this subject! (footnote)


But what about the hospitals?

The MSM reports about this on a daily basis. How serious is the situation in the hospitals !!!!

Well, the problem in the hospitals has not that much to do with the corona pandemic. The problem in hospitals is a political problem. The famous Mark Rutte has in recent years reduced hospital capacity enormously. That saved him a lot of money. In principle, the Netherlands has 40.000 hospital beds. However, there are only 12.000 beds of caring staff left. The rest have been fired in recent years for being much cheaper. Yes, not for you of course! Your premiums have only increased. It was cheaper for Mark, so that he and his friend Willem had more leeway. A few years ago we also had 2.800 IC beds. Now only 1.100, because that is cheaper. Do you get it now? It is not a crisis because there is a new disease. It is crisis because there is an old disease. A disease called 'politics'.

It's not even the case that the hospitals are full. They would make you believe that, but the hospitals are almost empty. These should be kept empty in case there are people who become ill with this new disease. If you get sick from an 'old' disease… .. Yeah, too bad. If you die from that, people will understand it all. Dying from covid, that's bad. Dying of any other illness is just part of life.

During this corona hoax, I have lost many friendships. People I had known for a long time, but called me crazy because I was, always with fundamental substantiation, disputing the government measures.

'Friends' thought that was inappropriate. The NOS and the AD informed them every day about how serious the situation was and is and “how do I get it into my head to go against it”. And Arjen Lubach had also explained to them how stupid the 'wappies' are who had dived into the information trap.

And then we also have Youp. The popular Youp, who was always so socially critical. Who was always so critical of politicians. Who was always so critical of people who slavishly follow the rules and do not think for themselves. Ah gotogotogot. That poor Youp. A struggling, somewhat pathetic little man who wanted to become a comedian so badly, which just didn't work out. Until……

The 1989 end-of-year conference: Youp suddenly became world famous throughout the Netherlands, loved by everyone (except for the Heineken management), with one of the most flaming conferences ever. That's now 31 years ago, and in the 30 years since the 1989 conferance, poor Youp has started to repeat himself year after year and become a very pathetic caricature of himself. Successful once and then always thought that he had all the wisdom and in the meantime did not realize what was happening to him. And he has now made such a funny song about people who do not follow the rules slavishly and think for themselves. Those are such weird people, according to Youp.


I want, despite Arjen Duchebag and Youp of the Crazy,

would like to continue my mission to inform people. I do a lot of research and I soon came to the conclusion that government policy is all about lies. So many lies that people can no longer grasp it. We understand a small lie, but if a government is lying about just about everything, then that is (almost) impossible for us to oversee and understand and we assume that what these 'wise' people say, sure will be true.

in Peru,

where I have been detained for a long time for corona-hoax measures, the crisis is now over. At least, the Corona Hoax crisis. The real crisis is now fully unfolding for a large part of the population. But as for the Corona Hoax: People don't get tested anymore. The test is far too expensive for most people, 250 to 350 soles, between 60 and 85 euros, most Peruvians cannot 'cough up'. And if there is no testing, then it all turns out to be okay. With the numbers then. I don't want to downplay what happens to the people who are really affected by the disease. But that of course applies to all serious illnesses.

When are we going to stop testing here? I think people have stopped driving to the test streets here too. I had already conducted a survey about this and no one could find excessive fuss.

But Mark and Hugo, along with their RIVM and OMT friends, keep on lying.

So the hurricane 'Corona Hoax' will continue to rage for a while !!


Footnote: Karel Nuks' column:

THINKING - Part 1: The Milgram Experiment

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