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With Mark the Dictator and Hugo the Terrible to the abyss

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My incident is nothing compared to what entrepreneurs and parents have to experience.

But that does not alter the fact that I started to swear wholeheartedly at our once beautiful shitty country.

People are oppressed as if we were at war. People who do not accept this can have their rights taken away. Healthy people become ill due to stress, frustration, resistance and all kinds of limitations. Healthy companies break down. Discord of a very bad level is created. Betraying each other becomes the new normal.

What was my incident? I had to send a book, Rake Klappen, ordered from me with T&T proof to Thailand. For this I had to go to the Readshop, because that is also a agency. I had a few copies of the latest De 'Andere Krant' and 'OPN' with me. Free newspapers that can be taken with you when entering or leaving. Quite bluntly, a ban was imposed on me, arguing that nothing should go out the door that could attract customers.
Then I was more or less ordered to wear a face mask. I declined. After the saleswoman wanted to force me a copy, I indicated that I had asthmatic complaints and was exempt. However, I had to show proof from my doctor.
Then I received a customs form to fill in. When I wanted to do that on site, I was expelled from the store. I had to do this outside somewhere. The operator could be fined € 4.000 (those were his words).
This happened in the Readshop full of books on display. I was so pissed off that I wasn't even in the mood to look at a book, let alone consider buying one. But with the necessary obstacles I was allowed to deliver a book there and if I had ordered three books online and I would not be at home (which also hardly occurs anymore thanks to incorrect assumptions and incorrect PCR tests!) I pick up the package at…. the Readshop.

Ask me how you screw up this country and I'll have the answer. 98% do not get sick, there is no excess mortality, but we are stuck with too many professional idiots who really don't know anything, except to ruin a total country.
Should we still be a rule of law somewhere, it is to be hoped that these destructive servants of the globalist elite will have to answer. I am not a judge, but I do know that community service orders should be abolished immediately. Reintroducing the guillotine may be a step too far!

Rients Hofstra.


Fear instead of democracy.

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