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Vaccine or not?

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There is a lot of information available that is very important to your decision whether or not to take the vaccine. Unfortunately, much information is hardly discussed by the media.

In general, if you are faced with the choice of undergoing treatment, you should consider a number of factors:

-What is the success rate of the treatment?

-What are the risks and consequences of the treatment?

-What are the risks and consequences of the disease?

-What is the success rate of other treatments?

- Are you doing it for yourself or for someone else?

What is the success rate of the vaccines?

What is striking is that the media only talks about the success rate expressed in relative risks. You must realize that this is a marketing ploy. For physicians and policymakers, the absolute risk (1) and the number of people to be treated to prevent 1 case (number needed to treat (2)) is much more important. However, these numbers are often concealed.

According to the media, a success rate of 95% is spoken. It would have been more complete to mention that about 100 people are vaccinated to prevent one case of corona. (3-5).



It is not well known whether the prevention of cases of illness can also prevent deaths. This is because the vaccines had only been tested for a short time and more on young people than on the elderly.

Risks of the vaccine

Short term effects:

Lareb is the system where side effects can be reported. (7) To date, 50.000 reports of adverse events have been reported in the Netherlands, of which 320 are deaths. It should be noted here that completing an adverse reaction in Lareb by a doctor takes a lot of time and cannot be declared. This could lead to less filling in and underreporting of the side effects.

Long term effects:

The long-term effects are not yet known, but some articles express a great concern, for example about the risk of ADE (worsening of a corona infection instead of weakening it). The potential negative effects of the spike protein produced by your body after you take the vaccine is also a cause for concern. (7-8).

In this article (9), 57 scientists even call on all vaccines to be stopped, it is estimated as life-threatening.

Alternative treatment methods (other than the vaccine):

It is striking how few potential treatment methods are discussed or discussed. Professor Peter A. McCullough expresses astonishment to the Senate at the lack of information from the medical literature and lack of initiatives to develop treatment strategies. This while in his opinion 85% more of the patients could have been saved with adequate treatment. (11-12-13)

Are you taking the vaccine for someone else?

There is no evidence that taking the vaccine will lower your chances of preventing death in others. (as far as I know).


You should consider all factors before taking the vaccine. I can understand people who are waiting next winter to see what the side effects of the vaccine are. You will most likely be offered a second chance on the vaccine by the pharmaceutical industry. Pfizer alone has pledged an additional 1.8 billion vaccines to the EU, while Europe has a population of only 700 million. (14). So you don't have to worry about a shortage.

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