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WOMAN in mobility scooter in the neck STITCHED by ALLOCHTOON

A woman in a mobility scooter was stabbed with a knife to her neck this morning at Watersportweg in Vlaardingen. The suspect (24) has been arrested by the police. 

She was attacked by the passer-by when he walked by. According to the police, the man asked her something.

Around 8.00:XNUMX am the police received a report about a stabbing. They flocked en masse, but at that time there was no trace of the suspect.

The victim, a woman in a mobility scooter, was stabbed in the neck by the man with a knife. Then he fled.

Police successfully launched a search for the perpetrator. Shortly after the facts, the perpetrator, a man of foreign origin with no residence or residence, was arrested by the security services. It is not yet clear why the man selected a random victim and stabbed it with a knife.

Camera images show that he was looking for a victim earlier that day. For example, he was spotted around 7.00 a.m. in a residential area where he emphatically looked at houses and also RINGED at some houses. As a result, he was clearly visible on the surveillance cameras of some houses.

Police Rijnmond is doing it as a breeze because:
"The woman had only superficial cuts."





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