Working from home and electrostress

Working from home and electrostress

In these times, many of us from the great chief have to work from home as much as possible. In shops, many people wear mouth masks voluntarily and there is a lot to do about ventilation. But one aspect remains underexposed and those are the consequences of electrical stress in the (home) workplace. It is estimated that about 5% of people are sensitive to electrostress. Stress in any form weakens the immune system. Arthur Firstenberg states in his book "The invisible rainbow" even that the major lifestyle diseases, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, are largely due to electrical stress. When we still had to appear at the office every day, we had little influence on the electrical climate in which we had to work all day. You can now use compulsory working from home to find out for yourself how sensitive you are to electrical stress by properly setting up your home workplace. In this article I want to limit myself to the workplace and not go into the technical details (to speak with Rutte "Nobody understands that at home") but above all give practical tips that are easy to implement and with which a lot can be achieved.
  • - Try to use a place in the house where you can work without artificial light and have fresh air by, for example, opening a window;
  • - If you have a transmission tower nearby, choose a room in the house on a low floor on the side of the house where the transmission tower is not located;
  • - Do not use WiFi but a wired internet connection. Don't forget to turn off the WiFi module of your computer / laptop in that case. If you still want WiFi, invest in a low-radiation router. Don't sit close to your router all day;
  • - Throw your DECT telephone out of the house immediately;
  • - If your mobile is calling, put the phone at least half a meter away and put it on the speaker. If you still want to use earphones, purchase Air-Tube earphones. Don't wear your mobile on your body all day long;
  • - Keep live electrical devices away from you (1,5 meters!). Place the charger of your laptop as far away as possible. Place all power cords as far away as possible so no bundles of cables and extension boxes on and behind your desk;
  • - Buy an earthing mat for under your keyboard;
  • - Use a good separate monitor and place your laptop as far away from you as possible;
  • - Always use earthed wall sockets;
  • - If you have solar panels on the roof, do not sit near the inverters;
  • - Do not wear wireless gadgets on your body;


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