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World Doctors Alliance: "We will arrange a new trial in Nuremberg."

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Presentation “The World Doctors Alliance”

UPDATE: Video is back

The World Doctors Alliance was created through a collaboration of several international organizations that will work together to get rid of this corona scam once and for all.

The video is pretty much a summary of what we've written here at CommonSenseTV from the beginning. We are quite modest but not right now. What a relief to see this confirmed. That motivates enormously.

Then we, along with some others, still felt like crying out in the desert. We were taunted. Now still, but no longer by citizens but by the authorities, the media and companies such as Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. They censor us, and others, to silence us.

They won't work!

These videos are also DIRECTLY removed from YouTube.

It is very important that you share these videos and / or this article via all social media. This global collaboration will be censored on all fronts.


Back to the Worlds Doctors Alliance. People are finally standing up to expose the truth. A lot of people.

Here is a press conference to get acquainted with The World Doctors Alliance (Dutch subtitles):

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This Covid19 affair is simply not true

Heiko Schöning starts the press conference. He is a German physician and one of the founders of Ortze für Aufklärung and the COVID19 extra parliamentary investigation committee.

“We are doctors, scientists and peace activists and we all say, unanimously: This Covid19 affair is simply not true. And we have a duty, especially as doctors, to speak the truth. ”

He also expresses his thanks for the gathering of all these international experts in Berlin.

We bring the truth to the public

Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of the United Kingdom and Surgical Adviser Mohammed Adil is the president of the World Doctors Alliance:

“I am a surgical consultant with a 30-year track record of working for the UK's national health services.”, said Adil.

"I have made a significant contribution to the medical sciences, education, training, research work and human assistance."

He also says: “We are going to jointly bring the truth of this orchestrated corona virus. We bring the truth to the public. ”

PCR TEST 89% to 95% FALSE POSITIVE. The rest is false negative

Elke van de Klerk is a Dutch GP working in Belgium. She has Doctors for the Truth founded in the Netherlands.

“We are here to inform people about the knowledge and the facts. It's not as bad as the media tells you. ”, according to de Klerk.

“We are in contact with hundreds of doctors in the Netherlands and we keep all records. The hospitals are not full. The people are not sick. They are being tested, but the tests that are provided do not work as they should. ”

"We need to make this known to the public.", adds van de Klerk.

She is supported by more than 87.000 medical specialists and doctors.


In a subsequent press conference, Elke went into more detail about the PCR tests on the stupid and prohibited mouth masks.


Swedish doctor Mikael Nordfors says: "We support everyone who is fighting against this tyranny, the medical tyranny that you now see all over the world."

"People don't have to be afraid."

We will arrange a retrial in Nuremberg

"Hopefully we will arrange a retrial in Nuremberg to sue all the criminals behind this hoax.", Nordfors said.

All attendees agree that the lockdown did much more damage than the virus.

"We are going to end this and we are going to restore freedom in the world.", said Zac Cox, the General Secretary of the World Doctors Alliance.

Boris Dragon, a Swedish physician: "We must show humanity what has been done to them."

Ireland lawyer and human rights advocate Martin Byrne: "I am not tied to any organization but my job is to defend the fundamental freedoms and rights of the people for all of Europe and the rest of the world."

Gross censorship

byrn: "I have become concerned about gross censorship and incredible human rights violations this year and I will defend them."

Monica Hellenberg: “I suggest we all uncover the darkness that is going on. All fraud on this planet. This is very, very wrong! We have all the facts at a glance. ”

Monica emphasizes that we must act now and take conscious actions.

The Danish Mads Palsvig: “What I especially want to highlight is a strong economic platform based on my experience in advising the central bank. A platform that will eradicate poverty and create one large middle class. This instead of a large number of technocrats and many more people living in poverty ”

"We are doing the opposite of what is happening now."

No worse than a bad flu season

David Curton from Great Britain and member of The London Assembly and one of the candidates to become mayor in May 2021: "I see that the politicians and the media understand very little about science and mathematics."

That has also been incomprehensible to us from the beginning. The figures in the right context immediately showed that something is wrong here.

Whether they don't understand or don't want to understand, this is so true. Never before have the media or politicians shown the figures in the correct context. This while it is so easy. Had we been honestly informed, we would have been out of this situation for a long time. But through lies and disinformation (including lies) we live in this mass hysteria where people, often ill-informed thanks to the media, even cooperate in setting up a fascist regime.

David Curton: “They have created a reality where covid is much worse and more dangerous than it actually is. The reality is, it is no worse than a bad flu season. ”

David: "But they have fueled fear, they have taken away civil liberties, they destroyed businesses, and their policies are very damaging to the mental and physical health of mankind."

"We're going to restore SENSE instead of perpetuating these destructive stories."

"It has to stop NOW!"

Also from the Netherlands, psychologist Monique Jensen: "I want to show people how they are programmed."

5G is part of Corona scam

Agatha Dorado from Denmark: "I did a lot of research and I started a lawsuit against the Danish government for the rollout of 5G."

"I would like to help overthrow these crazy governments."

Fiona Hine from London is the founder of where the whole corona scam is being tackled. "I too will do everything I can to cooperate in showing the truth to the public."

The German physician Margareta Griesz-Brisson asks her government:

"Where is your evidence that we are still dealing with a deadly infectious disease that could justify all the restrictions you have implemented on us?"

Heinrich Fiechtner, oncologist, haematologist, palliative care physician and politician:

"My job is to stand up to preserve truth and freedom."

“I have to stand up against the oppression of the people. Against panic. Against foreign control by this Satanic theory. ”, according to Heinrich Fiechtner.

"I am also there to call on my medical colleagues to speak up for what they have taken their oath for and to stand up for their patients."

Professor Dolores Cahill is an expert in molecular biology and immunology and she is the President of the World Doctors Alliance.

“We are here to say there is good news. the coronavirus is a seasonal virus that causes illness and symptoms from December to April. ”

Would our cabinet respond to this and do they therefore want to postpone the elections? The people, together with these people, can ensure that this cabinet disappears from the podium very quickly, even before the elections. Know your fundamental rights and do not participate in this suicide policy. Don't do it to your children to put on a mouth mask. Demand their departure! You are on the right side of history and you have the truth on your side.

Remove politicians. They do more harm than good

“There are treatments such as inhaling steroids, HCQ and zinc. There is no reason whatsoever for a lockdown. Not even for fear. Not for social distancing. Not for masks or for quarantining people. ”

She also says: "They locked people up because of the flu last year while there is an effective treatment."

“We call on everyone to listen in order to create new democratic peaceful movements within your country. To stand for election and remove these politicians who are doing more harm than good. ”

She emphasizes that the media and politicians have failed to share honest information and that an alliance must be made that will never happen again. A very serious matter and they are also responsible.

Heiko Schöning: “We don't see any evidence of a medical pandemic. So it looks like a plandemia. And we all say: We don't want this “New Normal”! ”

"And we don't want to go back to the old normal because the old normal has created this situation."


We are sending it to you en masse. Every day that you go ahead and ignore this, you make it more difficult for us, but especially for yourself. This is not forgotten so stop now.

SUPPORT CSTV - After being removed from YouTube, we're going to roll out something much bigger and better. It was a big loss and more than 30,000 subscribers suddenly see our channel in black. Gone. All the energy, love and time that has been put into it is suddenly gone. That hurts, but because of so much injustice, we become even more motivated to fight against this total madness and to contribute to get out of it as quickly as possible. We will do everything in our power to break that censorship. You can rely on that. Many YouTube alternatives will be introduced to CommonSenseTV and so will many (new) people.

This again takes a lot of time and energy, but with all the love.

We have saved all videos. Nearly 600 pieces.

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The COVID-19 extra-parliamentary commission of inquiry

Via the site of The COVID-19 Extra-Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry, you can stay informed of all hearings, lawsuits and other information. This will be expanded much more and it is now known that tens of thousands of doctors, scientists and other experts will participate.

We will certainly keep you informed of everything.

This scam is about to stop. Responsible people will be tried for their actions, together towards freedom, a new normal based on common sense, rationality and peace.

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