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World Economic Forum and Climate Change

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World Economic Forum and Climate Change

View calendar of the World Economic Forum meetings in Davos, where all government leaders and bankers gather, and it is noticeable that the climate crisis dominates the program. Where does this obsession with the climate at the World Economic Forum come from?

To answer this question, we have to go back to the origins of the WEF. In the book The new Globalist can be found the following:

"There was a group of fellow entrepreneurs who were big proponents of globalization. They saw globalization falter in the late XNUMXs. They decided they had to play a direct role in advancing globalization. Otherwise they feared that the post-war order would be shaken. The new globalists worked to promote market sovereignty as the foundation of globalization. David Rockefeller decided that the new globalists needed a formal platform to promote their ideas, and founded the Trilateral Commission, and Klaus Schwab founded the World Economic Forum. These clubs have successfully co-opted members of the political elite and together they have formed an engine room for policies, partnerships and programs to push the boundaries of market-driven globalization. "

Globalization was thus their common goal. One method of this group to unite the world was to create a global threat that would strengthen the motivation for world government. This method is called Hegelian dialectics. That means the following: create or fake a problem so that people will ask for the solution themselves. There are many examples of this strategy where it is remarkable that the solution is often already ready. You saw it at 9-11 where The Patriot Act was already written prior to “the attack”. In the Netherlands, the implementation of PCR testing already in January 2020 prior to the corona crisis. The amendment of the law “emergency measures related to gene therapy to combat COVID-19” had already been discussed and finalized a few days after the lockdown started.

So the plan of the Rockefellers and the new globalists was to create a threat and then institute global measures at the expense of freedom and for the benefit of the globalists. However, the first experiments with a global threat were not Global Warming but Global Cooling. A few examples from the media:

1970 - “Declining temperatures will cause the ice sheets to sink into the ocean, creating a global tidal wave that could wipe out a significant portion of humanity, and could raise sea levels from 60 to 30 feet.” Paul Ehrlich, CFR Member.

1975 – “The threat of another Ice Age must now stand side by side with nuclear war as a likely source of mass death and misery to humanity” Nigel Calder, editor, New Scientist magazine.

1976 – “Even US farms could be hit by a cooling trend” – US News and World Report.

However, four years later it was decided that the Global Coolingstory was not effective and more profit could be made with Global Warming.

Maurice Strong (1929-2015) played a major role in the beginning of the Global Warming Scare. This Canadian businessman and billionaire served as both a senior adviser to the United Nations and secretary general of the Rockefeller and Rothschild's Trusts. As a vassal of the Rockefellers, Strong was a major force behind both the global warming story and linking that story to ever-increasing UN powers.

Strong was closely involved with the Club of Rome, the club that has been predicting planetary catastrophes based on computer models since 1972. In 1980, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), founded by Maurice Strong . The UNEP claimed at the time that carbon dioxide accumulation was the most acute problem at the time. The IPCC was founded in 1988, in which he also played a major role. His greatest achievement was the 2nd Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero in 1992.

In the meantime, however, there is an endless amount of evidence that Global Warming is not a real threat to humans and that the whole story is tied together with hyped statistics. And if you already believe in the fairy tale, solutions such as windmills and biomass plants are not effective. It is therefore baffling to sober people, who do look at the underlying logic, to see how this house of cards of lies can be sustained.

In order to disguise the meager underpinnings of the whole story, mass manipulation is used with propaganda and repetition. To make the deception believable, it is promulgated by authorities such as Greta Thunberg, Barack Obama (CFR) or Al Gore (CFR). Images of collapsing icebergs, skinny polar bears, forest fires, etc. are suggestively linked to the climate in the media, even though there is no evidence for this. Climate fear is taught in schools by requiring teachers books by George Soros and watch youth news. Alternative sounds are mercilessly opposed, however substantiated. For example, check out the interview with Peter Ridd. A respected coral expert with decades of experience, he dared to claim that the coral was in no real danger from CO2 and he was immediately fired from the university. The lawsuit that followed cost many hundreds of thousands of euros. A scientist must therefore stand firmly in his shoes if he/she is to dare to go against the climate narrative. The reverse also applies; scientists who consciously or unconsciously proclaim the global warming belief easily rake in subsidies and, to their own surprise, often promote.

In addition, a scientific institute has been set up to give credibility to the lies. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is a United Nations organization to assess the risks of climate change. However, they were created to look primarily at the human cause and not at other possible factors. Their very existence, their funding and power depend on perpetuating this human-cause fairy tale that makes real science lose out to funded science. Many a scientist has expressed his disgust about the mess that the IPCC produces but these sounds do not reach the main stream media.

Thus, the World Economic Forum was founded by Klaus Schwab, a globalist who is affiliated with a club of wealthy globalists. All the institutions mentioned have the same goal: transferring sovereignty and transferring power to one world government. However, this government will not be democratically elected, but will consist of a small elite, including the Rockefeller family and their friends.

This elite has invested years in climate religion, spread fear and now the time has come for them to harvest. The government leaders, the puppets in this play, must be made clear what policy they have to implement in order to carry out this plan. The heads of government in Davos are told what the billionaires want from them. Types like Rutte, Kaag, Hoekstra and Schouten may have the idea in Davos that they are allowed to rub against real power, to be part of it. For such personalities, power is a fascinating and addictive phenomenon. It is at these kinds of meetings where the heads of government are also given the build back better instructions. Those who meekly carry out the policy hope for the favor of their puppeteers and a place at the table of power.

You can see in the WEF's agenda that at meetings in Davos, little else is discussed for days other than climate change. Here the politicians are instructed the draconian measures with which they have to enslave the people. In the coming years, companies will have to comply with all kinds of CO2 saving measures, CO2 taxes and CO2 sanctions. There is little you can produce without using energy and the costs will therefore become sky-high. Bcompanies affiliated with the World Economic Forum get tax benefits, economies of scale and are allowed to survive, all small businesses have to go bankrupt and will eventually be destroyed. For years, SMEs, farmers and fishermen have been making their lives miserable with useless rules and legislation. The lockdowns came over this in 2020 and the CO2 tax will be the death knell for many companies. The agenda of the elite will be largely at the expense of the people. Our freedom is the opposite of their desires for power and their end goal is clear: We will own nothing and the Rockefellers will own everything.

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