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Writing about GENOCIDE on CHRISTIANS ?: Death Threats!

'The fact that I write about Christian persecution does not make some Moroccans from Mechelen happy,' says journalist Jakob Kürüm.

Turkish-Belgian Jacob himself is a Christian with Assyrian-Chaldean roots:

'Anti-racism manifestations are happening all over the world, but I notice there all the way nothing van! ', says Jakob.

'Everyone in Mechelen got one anti-racism sticker in his letterbox. Unfortunately I don't notice much of those campaigns.

As a journalist I mainly write about the Christian persecution here and abroad. Far too little is said about that. So I feel, as a Christian, obligated around truth to say and write down, even if it is painful and heavy, even if it hurts everything to deny people usually much prefer that. '

When Jacob recently posted his article about an attack on a Christian village that killed a three-year-old, he suddenly got heavy threatened.

'My article about that was posted on the internet last week.

'A little Christian girl has been attacked with a machete by Islamists and to pieces chopped, that can't be kept quiet, can it ?! '

'I now get all kinds of messages and e-mails such as:' dirty whore 'and' I'll fuck you when I see you 'or' Are you serious, do you want me to fuck you or something? ' and some more such messages.

Those messages came from people I occasionally meet in the neighborhood. I know they are active in harsh criminal environments.

Jakob Kürüm is also on the street harassed by Muslims.

As a convinced Christian, he almost always wears one cross.

'When I go to the supermarket to just do some shopping, I sometimes hear' Allahu Akbar 'being shouted at me. Don't get me wrong. I generally know the Mechelen Muslim community well. That are often good people. But harm these states hun imago and can just real not anymore.'

'I can still bear the messages on Facebook, but they have mine ouders called up!!

My brothers also received a call. My family had to be told they would be with me murder if I continue to post articles about the genocide of Christians worldwide.

'Apparently they try me the mouth te cords so that there is no news of Christian persecution. Are Christian lives not important ??! '

'But I stay write about christengenocides and such events !!

I will not let threats put me under pressure and will take legal action in the event of the next threat. '


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