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Wybren van Haga: "Government violates our fundamental rights on a massive scale!"

The bureaucratic rot in this system runs deep!

Yesterday Wybren Van Haga lashed out at the greatest criminals against humanity in modern Dutch history, Mark Rutte and Hugo De Jonge.

“We don't have to be afraid of the coronavirus with an IFR of 0,23%. What we really should fear is a government that violates our fundamental rights. And that is now happening on a large scale. ”, according to Van Haga.

And that our fundamental rights are being violated on a massive scale is an understatement rather than an exaggeration. We live in a society that has many similarities with the former GDR.

"Everything is taken by a cabinet that does not take the collateral damage into account when instituting the corona measures," said Van Haga.

"We have also been deprived of the right to build, to be allowed to grow, to be allowed to aspire and to be successful."

They are the hallmarks of communism.

“Everything is taken care of by a cabinet that does not take the collateral damage into account when instituting the corona measures. And the result is an attack on our assets and property and destruction of SMEs. ”

The government is out to turn people in the country against each other. To betray each other. They humiliate their own people and the unnecessary measures destroy all aspects of our society.

“With a prime minister who laughs and tells us that we are doing it so that we can build back better. Build Back Better. A slap in the face of all entrepreneurs. ”

“Even the WHO has admitted that a lockdown is NOT the solution and that is catastrophic and that is why today we are talking about the extension of this support package.

Van Haga is also furious about how this cabinet deals with entrepreneurs:

“An application for a TVL (Fixed Cost Allowance) cannot be submitted if the conditions are not met. "And because of this there is no possibility of objection or going to court." according to Van Haga.

“Many companies can now write off their stock due to the lockdown. Why is the stock fee linked to the right to TVL? ”

“If the government does damage, then that damage must be 100% compensated. Wonderful Dutch companies are going under. ”

Wybren concluded with:

“Entrepreneurs have always taken their responsibility and can open without it contamination hazard. The best support is therefore the lifting of the lockdown. ”

Common sense.


This is Build Back Better:

Sky News about Great Reset: You Won't Own Anything!


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