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Doctors and OMT member Jan Kluytmans earn tons of money from tests

And in the case below we are not talking about a few thousand euros or a small ton. We are talking about serious enrichment in PCR tests. The test that has been proven time and again that it cannot be used to detect something like a corona virus.

Doctors and OMT member make a lot of money from PCR tests

While the p (l) andemia is destroying the economy, radically changing people's lives, driving people to suicide and many entrepreneurs going under, the doctors microbiologist are filling their pockets well. We just say it exactly as it is.

The medical microbiologist of the Brabant laboratory Microvida are not bothered by the malaise: they can make up for a financially extremely successful 2020.

Over the past year, Microvida has been transformed into a test factory: every day thousands of samples from the GGDs in the region have been analyzed for the presence of the corona virus. And every test is the cash register for the eleven doctors who run the lab. (source)

There is a group of doctors who make an incredible amount of money from the (not working) PCR test.

Doctor and OMT member Jan Kluytmans is one of the high earners. That reveals FTM. (source)

He has also become one of the TV doctors. He joined the rest of the media clique to which uninformed the Netherlands listens.

10 other doctors affiliated with Microvida (Medical microbiology Brabant-Zeeland) also earn a lot of money.

Robert Jensen discussed the enrichment of tests for the OMT member and physician Jan Kluytmans yesterday on his show.


Cashing in on PCR tests on top of regular wages of 300.000 euros

Microvida receives 65 euros from public funds for a PCR test. Microvida invoices the GGD and the GGD again receives money from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS). That money comes from the so-called Public Healthcare budget of VWS.

The microbiologists believe they are entitled to the money according to the contract, even if there is no entrepreneurial risk in return.

Jan Kluytmans earns a lot of money from PCR tests and TV performances


Due to the large numbers of tests in the West Brabant region, the bill for the whole of 2020 is estimated to have risen to sixteen million euros, according to inquiries. The bill for 2020 has not yet been finalized. (source)

Almost a fifth of this goes to a partnership of eleven independent doctors. They rent themselves out to the four hospitals that jointly own Microvida. According to the contract between Microvida and the doctors - seen by Follow the Money - the doctors are entitled to 19 percent of this test turnover. That is therefore an amount of around three million euros. Note: these are extra earnings, on top of their regular income of about three tons gross.

How the distribution is established is unknown. Some receive more than others based on working hours and position within the partnership.

Doctors don't let "their money" take away

The hospitals are furious, trying to contain the huge flow of money that the hospitals say is out of all proportion to their efforts.

But the doctors don't budge. They really do not allow themselves to take "their money" away.

Do you think these people will ever reveal that the PCR test does not work? Do these doctors want the corona pandemic to end? This Kluytmans is therefore also part of the OMT (Outbreak Management Team). The OMT, together with the RIVM Netherlands, are currently leading this.

If Kluytmans earns that much money from PCR tests, can he be in the OMT?

Load ... Load ...

“Hospitals:“ All those tests are MASS PRODUCTION ”

FTM and MSN news:

“Moreover, according to the hospitals, all those tests are mass-produced. The machines give a positive or negative result; there is little advice from microbiologists involved. In this light, the question is whether it is justified for more than twelve euros to disappear into the pockets of the white coats for each test. ”

Isn't this illegal? In any case, it is anti-social and people in important positions enrich themselves in PCR tests. How can we expect any objectivity in this way? They will not take their money away.

And how big is that group? Do doctors make money from this corona crisis in other ways? These are valid questions.

Leaked images of vaccination strategy

We also see indications of (large-scale) fraud in the medical world.

That becomes clearer after seeing images that are only intended for doctors. This footage could only be viewed with a unique login code for GPs.

If you take the time to listen to this, you will soon notice that everything is scripted. This says it all.

Doctors falsely register COVID as the cause of death

And what about general practitioners such as van Rijn from Alphen aan de Rijn?

He registered the father of Marcel van Tol, who was a heart patient and died of a heart attack, as a corona dead wrote Marcel van Tol.

What's behind that? The case is still ongoing and Marcel van Tol will probably keep you informed himself.

In England there is already a scandal broke out.

More than 100 Daily Mail readers wrote letters after Bel Mooney revealed that her father's death had been recorded as a covid.

Of course. The vast majority of doctors are honest, can we not assume? But we should not be naive into thinking that all doctors are genuine and that there is no corruption in that sector.

There are a number of things that are completely wrong in the medical world. And we will do our best, together with other initiators and platforms, to dig deeper. More and more emails are coming to us about malpractice.

The wrong people in all layers of society who contribute to this destruction of the Netherlands must be given a face during this psychological coup d'état in which people from the police and the medical world, in addition to the media, big tech and multinationals, are participating.

Most doctors will want the very best for you. I honestly think so. It is an honorable profession and the doctors we speak to and have experience with are correct people.

Many are facing a dilemma of conscience.

We hope that doctors will also realize that citizens are becoming wiser and better informed. This is an unstoppable phenomenon and people who cheat will be exposed.

Are you a doctor and in doubt? Or do you see what's going on here? Then join other doctors fighting for justice and solutions during this created crisis. Do it for the people. For the Netherlands and for the future of our children. Do it for yourself.

Do you want to say something? Let us know. We guarantee your privacy if you wish.

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