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If I were to be the health minister and properly carry out my duties associated with that position, I would not just rely on a handful of bread-eating (interested) prophets to outline my policies.


If you are looking for the right cleaning agent to clean your patio tiles, if you are looking for good advice on a legal matter, if you are looking for good advice on a medical matter, or if you are looking for some advice then……

And if you always consult 3 experts, you may have heard 5, often even contradictory, solutions for each of these issues.

Perhaps nobody owns the whole truth. Perhaps the truth in complex issues is a balancing of pros and cons, not only in terms of opinions and studies, but also of consequences and results. You can only do this after being thoroughly informed from various sides and taking into account all aspects of the problem, all aspects of the policy, all aspects of measures, all aspects of the possible solutions and with a very large dose of common sense. .

There has been no evidence of such considerations among the rulers, (ministers) presidents, ministers of public health all over the world.

They have been stuck in their own narrative for 15 months.

One word, one policy, one set of measures, one solution, one vision of the future. That is the only way.


It's not some stray fools here and there on CommonSenseTV or Virus Truth who are proclaiming that one word, one policy, one set of measures CANNOT lead to a good solution. Worldwide, there is an army of doctors, microbiologists, immunologists, psychologists, other medical personnel, lawyers, research scientists, economists and the like, who have been crying for more than a year, no, clamoring for attention to the many dangers that lie there to the policy, the measures and the alleged solution that the rulers propose to us.

And among all these scientists, I find quite a bit of consensus and almost 100% contradiction to the claims of the bread-eating prophets upon which the regimes rely.

If I were to be Minister of Public Health in a fair world, I would take my job seriously and be informed from all sides about the problems we are facing.

Dr. Mike Yeadon, a scientist who has 40 years of experience with drugs and vaccines has been working for a year with (attempts to) make humanity aware of what dangers lurk and what nonsense we are doing regarding the syringe experiments.

Let me give you, freely translated, a few quotes from his interview with Daily Expose from a few days ago:


Crimes are committed against a large part of the world's population worldwide.

We are in the presence of malignant and dangerous 'vaccines' and the goal of the governments is that as much of the population as possible gets injected. This is madness because even if these remedies were proven to be beneficial, you should only apply them to those who are at clear risk of dying from the virus.

For everyone else, including children and babies, it is completely unethical to administer a new substance whose (side) effects are completely uncharacterized.

So the big question is: What is their motive ?????

One theory could be: Money. But that motive is wrong. Because if it were for money, they could also multiply the price and administer the drug only to those who need it. So there is another motive.


Later in the interview, Dr. Yeadon discusses the adverse, harmful biological aspects of the spike protein response that this syringe causes in your body and points out that those who are not at risk from this virus should not be exposed to the risks of this virus. resources.

If you want to listen to the whole interview:


But what matters to me now is that the rulers do not listen to a single scientist who makes a critical voice. Dr. Yeadon has been head of product development at Pfizer for a long time in his career. Dr. Luc Montagnier has discovered the HIV virus and has received a Nobel Prize for his work. The man is now almost 90 years old but appears to be very up to date. He has stated (with certainty bordering on probability) that the virus comes from the lab in Wuhan and that this 'vaccine' will lead to a huge number of deaths. The theory that the virus originated on the fish market in Wuhan he resolutely refers to the realm of fables. In this regard, it is also noteworthy that little attention is paid to the links that anthony fauci (the virologist in charge in the US) has with the virus lab in Wuhan. His role in this whole 'circus' is much greater than many people think possible.


Dr. Pierre Capel has so often lectured on the functioning of the immune system and concluded that for the vast majority of people a 'vaccine' does more harm than good. Thousands of physicians and scientists, supported by hundreds of peer-reviewed research papers, are pushing for medications containing hydroxychoroquine and ivermectin, among others, and to stop the spraying experiments. Groups of doctors have held the EMA and many politicians personally liable for all damage done.

The rulers don't give a shit. They just go on and don't listen to anything, except their own clique of 'experts' and of course Klaus Schwab. Pedro Sanchez, the socialist / communist president of Spain, has now publicly published his full cooperation with the plans of schwab / gates / rockefellers. Of course again packed in a bulky document with lots of (700) pages of window dressing, you know, we do it all for your good, Spain is completely subject to the davos plans. More government, more control, more rules, more taxes, no freedom and ... no more meat eating.


It seems like almost everyone in the world has turned into complete idiots. And it also seems that this has been deliberately driven. Not only because of the corona hoax, but with almost every government policy that is being pursued, you still wonder whether we are dealing with complete silly people or complete idiots. Take electric and hydrogen driving. Politicians hail it as if it were the most revolutionary developments in human history. 100% clean driving. Who would not want that? But the electricity is generated by clearing forests and firing the wood in power plants (most plants are still gas-fired, but they want to get rid of that), then brought to your home via the electricity grid, where you can then can charge a battery and drive a few laps with it.

The new developments with hydrogen cars are possibly even more absurd. A gas-fired power station generates electricity, which is used to apply electrolysis to water, causing the water to split into hydrogen and oxygen, a highly explosive mixture. The generated hydrogen is then used to generate electricity in the experimental car that will power the car engine. We could also have started running on gas right away, right?

(But these absurdities aside).


The schools are allowed to reopen,

I read in the newspaper. But the teachers don't dare. They want to stay at home. The southern European countries want the tourists to come again, because they are going completely bankrupt there. But people don't dare. They want to stay at home. Last week I made a bike ride and in a village further on, 2 good acquaintances of mine sat drinking a beer on a terrace. So far apart that I wondered if they were 'together'. I stopped and enthusiastically reached out to 2 comrades I hadn't seen for 15 months. They dived away, terrified and frozen with fear.

A good friend of mine works as a chef on a large campsite in the South of France. He has been idle for almost 2 months. And I don't think that will change much. The people who are going to get the indirect mandatory poison syringes have been so brainwashed that they will no longer leave their home and the people who are not going to get that syringe are obliged to undergo a pcr test when they leave and return from their trip to the Dordogne. . Family with 2 children, 4 x 150 is roughly 600 euros x 2 is 1.200 extra costs to be allowed to stay on the campsite for 2 or 3 weeks… ..

They have us exactly where they want us. Most of society is terrified of nothing. Now the sheep are 'rewarded' with a little more 'freedom'. And you have full confidence in those in power and their sensible policies. In the meantime, the vaccine passport is being developed behind your back. And believe me, that passport is not going to include your vaccination history, but your entire history. All your data is registered here electronically and made internationally accessible to all regimes. Medical data, social data, legal data, not only about you, but also about your family members. Isn't that something of China and North Korea? you will think. Well, just wait and see. Preparations are already in full swing.

In the meantime, the pcr test is being adjusted in such a way that the number of false positives drops sharply and thus the 'efficacy of the vaccines is proven'. In the US, registrations of covid in vaccinees will only be accepted if the number of cycles of the pcr test is up to 28. I have already written a lot about the pcr test. It does not serve to make any kind of diagnosis at all. But if they had always capped the cycles of the test at 28, then there would never have been any talk of this whole crisis / pandemic and I would not have been able to show you this picture:


And in the meantime, the mainstream news services keep on spreading the panic, the vaccine propaganda and defending the absurdist government policy. I'm anything but censorship. But I advocate for any 'journalist' who does not know what the Corman-Droste paper is, who does not know what the Borger retraction paper is, who does not know what response our official authorities have given to the retraction paper, a full speak and write ban must be imposed immediately.

If you don't know yet but would like to know, watch this video in which Flavio Pasquino interviews Dr. Peter Borger:


Incidentally, a pcr validation report, such as the corman droste, was filed in the US roughly 10 days earlier, at the beginning of January 2020. And also that report stated that no sars-cov-2 virus is present. And still not found to date, dear ones.


Virus madness in Belgium and Virus truth in the Netherlands have provoked a major debate about all corona problems.

Michael Verstraeten and Willem Engel, the 2 leaders of the corona critics in Belgium and the Netherlands, challenge Jaap Van Dissel and mark van ranst to a Belgium-Netherlands debate. A debate about the measures. A debate that does not mince words. A debate about the questions the press is afraid to ask.

I think that Jaap van Dissel still dares to enter into such a debate, but will certainly not get permission from those in power. mark van ranst is a psychopathic coward who can only speak out verbal diarrhea safely from behind his screen or under surveillance at the public broadcaster and is certainly not capable of a substantive debate with Engel and Verstraeten.

Both have been invited, but with certainty bordering on certainty that debate will not take place. At least, not directly. But they have come up with an interesting alternative. The debate will take place virtually. There is enough footage from both of these virological vet scientists to make a montage of questions and answers.


We will keep you informed and will certainly come back to this.

Spread the freedom!

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