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Do you still like snow peas?

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This time I don't think I need to write long text. This briefing says enough.




And take a look at the short video message from Dr. Vernon Coleman.

And more shocking news:

The American nurse who got vaccinated in front of the camera and then went to the ground has apparently died.

* We have read and received many comments about whether Tiffany has indeed passed away. Do they want to slide it under the carpet? Is she still alive? Then why doesn't she answer? Why doesn't the family say anything? A cover-up? Will she surface again?

Here an interesting twitter thread and a video of the twitterer that seem to show that she has indeed passed away. Read and look carefully and judge for yourself.

Video from the Twitterer:

This video has been removed from YouTube for violation of its terms of service ...

We need to leave this to you until we know more. Bizarre.

People don't want to respond. Family doesn't want to let you know. Tiffany has disappeared. The truth will emerge by itself. If not, we know enough.

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