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A shared experience

I would like to share with you a comment on my last article, which describes in a very condensed way our spirit of the times, but also the personal development that the commentator, I and many others have gone through:

“It is being denied worldwide. In some African countries they even call for the killing of whites. I have always been friends with very different people, but what is happening now I am starting to see more and more color difference. In other words, all those actions and demonstrations and looting make me a person who almost starts thinking in boxes. I am starting to see refugees as threatening us. Dark people as haters for everything we stand for and what they have always stood for themselves.

It is precisely those activists who make me think wrong *. And don't forget that everyone has problems with certain things. It is not possible to make it better for everyone.

If you don't want a black pete, celebrate without home. If you want it, just do it. We are not all driving the same car and we are not going to demonstrate because not everyone drives a DAF Variomatic. ”

I would like to thank you for expressing a shared insight, for which I had not yet found good words.

The only thing I have any difference with is the piece "It is precisely those activists who make me think WRONG"

It is very natural for any healthy animal (including humans) to distinguish between: "Oops, a grizzly bear that eats a rabbit like me faster than a mountain goat"

Nothing makes more sense than thinking in boxes in the animal kingdom: Because there it makes a difference between life and death.

Fortunately for humans, conflict with a fellow race / lineage is far less likely to be fatal than between wildlife, but thinking “wrong” can save you a lot of bruising, PTSD therapies and / or wallets.

Once again, thank you very much for your comment.



Affected item:

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