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You will own nothing!

By 2030 we will live in slavery and will no longer own anything!

It is nothing short of astonishing that Mark Rutte can pass this message on to us and that the Dutch people ignore this information carelessly and without popular uprising.

Rutte was already clear about his enthusiasm for the Build Back Better movement last summer.

In practice Build means Back Better that society above all better for the elite is rebuilt after it has been destroyed using lockdowns.

At Henk Krol's request for more explanation about build back better, Mark Rutte received no more than a superficial A4 sheet.

Letter to Parliament on the interpretation of the Build Back Better | concept Parliamentary paper |

There has even been a motion in the House of Representatives or the government not blindly wants to follow the policy of the World Economic Forum.

This motion has been rejected: we are going blindly though follow the WEF.

Anyone who delves into the desired policy of the WEF should become concerned about this. The sentence alone “You will own nothing”Leaves little to the imagination but does not seem to get through to the population.

Psychological research into the functioning of the mind shows that unpleasant information that does not correspond to the perception world can easily be ignored. We have received a social death sentence with the outcome of this motion, but most of them just go on living as if nothing was wrong. It's as if the message that a meteorite will destroy Earth in a few years' time is being brushed aside with a shrug.

Before the Second World War, many Jews fled Europe, aware of the growing threat and risks associated with the rise of Hitler. With grief and horror, the survivors after the war related how they had tried to warn relatives but ignored the warnings. They stayed behind and were trapped like rats.

Perhaps we should also accept that although the threat is increasing day by day, many people do not want to recognize the risk yet. It is carefully time to consider packing our bags and leave those who ignore the danger with a dull resignation.

Where can we go, where? Tanzania was an option in Africa, which did not participate in corona hysteria, but the president has now “passed away” there.

Russia, maybe? Putin is not completely on the leash of the build back better mafia. I don't know the country very well, but the country is often blackened by Ollongren, so that's a good sign. Enemies of my enemies are my friends. We should seriously consider Russia, who will come along? Кто идет?

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