Young hairdresser commits suicide through accumulating bills

The corona covid hoax is destroying everything.

Alysson Jadin (24) in recent weeks was one of the young people who testified openly in the Walloon press about her difficult trajectory as businesswoman.

By the mandatory She saw the future bleak when she closed her barber shop.

Yesterday the young Liège stepped out of life.

The financial problems had become too much for her.

Precisely because she was such a symbol of the crisis, her death in Wallonia makes a lot of sense.

2020 is an annus horribilis for the self-employed, but Alysson went ahead with it on 3 August.

She opened her own hairdressing salon with 6 employees, but unfortunately she quickly clashed with the rock-hard reality. The corona measures, eliminating all non-essential stores had to close their doors at the beginning of this month, makes life difficult for many Belgian entrepreneurs.

To make matters worse, Alysson too no right to have on the aid measures:

Her hair salon had not been open long enough for that.

'As a young self-employed person, we become completely up to us lot left. The disappointment anger dominates, 'she testified at Sudpresse.

Hairdresser Alysson Jadin also liked to cut the hair of patients in the hospital for free.

Alysson already had her with 25.000 euros savings stabbed in her hair salon.

'Some thought that was daring, but if you don't go for it, you will come nowhere. This is my passion and I like to see my customers. I can't just give up now, I'm too proud for that. '

'It is true that I am no longer in my basic needs can provide. Food, heating, invoices that have to be paid, ... It is all very difficult financially. I have to make 'ethical' choices: do I pay the electricity bill so that my clippers continue to work or do I fill the fridge with eten? '

'My accountant advised me to deal with the matter to stop, but I don't want that, 'Alysson told RTL two weeks ago.

"I want to go to hell, but I can't go bankrupt after just three months, can I?"

That Alysson leaves a great void is already a certainty. Friends describe her as a jovial person and the sunshine in the house.

'You had your whole life ahead of you, but you decided otherwise. I respect your decision, unfortunately we will never be able to joke now, 'wrote one customer.

'This morning I walked past your shop. The lights were out. I struggled to hold back my tears, now I let them run free. We have had so many good moments, this goodbye will continue to hurt for a long time, 'concludes a photographer friend.

If you have any questions about suicide, you can call the toll-free number 0800-0133

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