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READ ON! The point of this article is not YouTube's censorship but what we as free people can do. Share this! It is not OUR last chance. It is THEIR last chance. 

We all know that YouTube censors heavily.

We have experienced it ourselves a number of times. But now YouTube has handed out a sentence: We can not post or post anything for 1 week.

In the next warning we can lose the channel.


Here is the video that matters. This is the hate speech video.

It was not one of our best videos and a bit lackluster, but that's not the point. It was viewed about 3.000 times and we had long since forgotten about it. The video was uploaded in March this year.

This interview and these images are from De Telegraaf.


The video was intended to show how opposed left-wing people think. Around that time, GroenLinks was very much in the news because of their unfounded racism screams. Furthermore, everyone can have their opinion about it. Nor does it matter anymore.


Of course we wrote a complaint in which we stated that this must be a mistake and that the images even come directly from the mainstream media.

But very soon we got this message back:


We are not allowed to post for a week or upload videos. Now we can get angry and scream murder and fire, it doesn't help.

It is very clear what is going on here. We show too many truths to too many people.


We've already made it hard. Everything about the so-called “Corona crisis” has been revealed. You cannot do more and the realization must come to the people themselves.

From now on we have to start thinking about solutions. Otherwise, we basically do the same.

The reality is that in the Netherlands, between 65 and 600 direct “corona deaths” have actually “fallen”. We also posted this on YouTube yesterday. The numbers are irrefutable. They are their own numbers.

The figures only have to get through to people so that one notices that nothing, but nothing, is going on. We have had a mild flu year compared to other years. The rest is up to you.

We also don't get any counter-threads, except for some trolls, while on peak days we attract over 100.000 unique visitors with an outlier to 140.000 last month. Nobody contradicts us, except for a few trifles that do not change the facts about Corona.


What if you banish the media from your life? When you treat the media as advertising? When there is news, stop or zap it.

And when you want to know something, are you looking for the raw images online or do you delve into those matters yourself? Why do you have someone who builds an opinion around the images and the images are cut so that it is part of the reporter's story instead of the other way around?

If we had not had any media, then that small club in The Hague that puts us under pressure would not stand a chance. In fact… They too live on the media.

When we are really collectively awake and collectively aware, you don't even need a government anymore. At most a board.

We, 17 million people, let ourselves be destroyed by a few figures in The Hague?

Are we going to be screwed so hard by a few people in The Hague? Even further down the well? All of us? More than 17 million people? Who do they think they are?

It's about your own life. What you experience is true. What you see on TV can be magnified, but you often don't see it in your life. Your life is the truth! The rest is created. Apply that to this corona craze.

Tell me honestly .. Do you know someone who died from Corona? Have you had to deal with it? No. We wish the few of you who have experienced it a lot of strength. And we want to ask whether those people themselves are convinced that the person in question actually died of corona.

It's the media, people. They take away our freedom.

But actually we do the same as they do. We keep posting and screaming to show the truth and they keep saying the opposite. That ends in a clash and we fall right into the trap.

A mass demonstration will be held on 21 June. That demonstration is going to be big, but a lot of people don't demonstrate and don't feel like it. What can we really do? It's that easy ...




Anyone who is awake or people who are over their fear. Go outside. Without mask. Without a meter and a half. Just walk together and take the people you meet with you. Nothing will happen. There is no corona. We just have another flu season next year. This year was a soft year compared to other years. It is the name it does: COVID-19.

The invisible enemy! 

Take that very literally. That enemy? He is not there ... He was created.

Let our freedom take hold ?? Why? Want us to be demolished even more? For that invisible enemy that you have never seen, and neither have the people around you.

You are free. Show it. We are smarter. We are the people.

No violence is needed. Hug each other. Kiss each other. Shake hands! Live and enjoy your freedom! Just go down the street on the 21st and immediately see that others think the same.

We don't have Antifa. We don't have a BlackLivesMatter. No racism. You live your life, right? You see it right? Ignore those groups. Do you know corona? Had to deal with it? No!

Is Uncle Officer coming? Be smart. He too is a citizen ... He too is driven by the toxic bureaucracy and the media. The major. The drivers ...

It is created. They want to make everything bigger. Bringing cities together. And the effect is that you no longer have a local police officer who calls everyone by their first name. No control over the mayor of your city or village. Not a healthy society based on reason, but the most absurd measures for which no one is directly responsible or can be held accountable.

This misery can be reversed in one day. On to a modern society and your fellow man will become convinced. Afraid of corona? It is not necessary but make the consideration for yourself and weigh it up against each other.

Are we going to do normal again with all of us? Nobody can stop us.

21st of June. GO OUTSIDE! Enjoy your freedomd! Wherever you are ..

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