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Youtube removes abuse video Gorinchem

Spread the freedom!

Youtube has just removed our video in which we indicate that it is not necessary to measure against racism with 2 measures.

Here the video is shown where a group of younger immigrants completely beat up a Dutch boy.

See here the article about this case:
No to racism. But do not measure with 2 sizes!

We received the following message from Youtube. 






This is the video that is still on Bitchute:

Two weeks ago it was that had a video removed from YouTube in which we demonstrated their lies and framing.

We also received a claim to our pants and threatened with legal action.

This is the video. We save all videos and also upload them on Bitchute. A place that is not censored yet:

The article about this: takes legal action against CommonSenseTV

This is not going to stop us from continuing to post this type of content. We have filed a defense against We're going to see how it ends.

There are so many videos of fighting children on YouTube. Quite strange that just this one will be deleted.

Help us in our mission to wake up the Netherlands and stand up to the corrupt media, the party cartel and their political correctness and the globalists! Only then can we continue and expand.


Spread the freedom!

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